New Features

CloudMonitor - Adds 10 Metrics for Dynamic Route for CDN

Nov 28 2019

CloudMonitor adds 10 metrics related to IP acceleration (IPA), back-to-origin processes, and connections to edge nodes of Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN).

Target customers: users of Dynamic Route for CDN. Features released: CloudMonitor adds 10 metrics for Dynamic Route for CDN: IPA Domain Names, IPA First Packet Access Duration, IPA Origin Connection Failure Rate, IPA Origin Error Rate, IPA Origin Timeout Rate, IPA Edge Connections, IPA Access Out, IPA Edge New Connections, IPA Back-to-origin Out, and Duration of First IPA Back-to-origin Packet. You can call the CloudMonitor API operations to query the monitoring data of the preceding metrics. You can also set alert rules for the metrics. If the specified threshold is reached, CloudMonitor sends an alert message to the relevant contact.

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