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Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine Double 11 Special Edition

Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine is a free bi-monthly digital publication produced by Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International. The magazine aims to present the latest news, stories, and technologies of Alibaba Cloud, which will give you a better insight into how technology is changing the world and shaping the future as exemplified by our endeavors.

With the support of Alibaba Cloud, the core business of the 2020 Double 11 Global Shopping Festival used cloud-native technologies for enhanced efficiency and accelerated speed. In this issue, we would like to reveal the technologies deployed during the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival, and the resulting scalability, security, resilience, and elasticity that have been strongly reflected in the business practice.

The key content featured in this issue:

Opening Remarks from Selina Yuan, President of International Business, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

The Technologies Behind the Global Shopping Festival

The Cloud-Native Best Practices During Double 11

Flink Stream-Batch Unification Practice During Double 11

ApsaraDB Database Service that Fuels Double 11 to Soar

Customer Success Stories From Cloud-Native Endeavors

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