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Issue 15

AI Forward
Enabling Smarter Business Strategies and Pioneering Solutions

The Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine is a free bi-monthly digital publication produced by Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International. The e-magazine aims to present the latest news, stories, and technologies of Alibaba Cloud to offer insight into how technology is changing the world and shaping the future, as exemplified by our endeavors.

Embarking on the vast potential of 2024, Alibaba Cloud takes a moment to look back at the unprecedented year that was 2023 with immense gratitude and enthusiasm. It was a year distinguished by extraordinary growth and transformation, a testament to the rapid evolution of technology that Alibaba Cloud not only witnessed but also actively contributed to. The industry's focus on "generative AI" and "large language models" has underscored 2023 as a pivotal year, laying the foundation for a new era of technological advancement.

Concurrent with the release of this edition, Alibaba Cloud underscores its dedication to innovation and industry leadership by hosting the Alibaba Cloud AI & Big Data Summit, and extends an invitation to the global community to engage in this transformative journey. This edition grants readers a front-row seat to the expertise of Alibaba Cloud’s top tech executives, showcases stories of key customers utilizing AI and Big Data technologies, and presents forward-thinking perspectives from academic collaborators. Together, these narratives form a panoramic view of the potential advancements in AI and Big Data applications. As a vanguard in cloud computing, Alibaba Cloud is enabling global enterprises to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI. Keep an eye on the Alibaba Cloud e-magazine series for continuous insights and updates.

Key Contents Featured in This Issue:

Foreword by Selina Yuan

How Large Language Models Steer the Course of Cloud Computing in the AI Era

Accelerating Innovation with LLM-friendly AI and Big Data Platforms

The Borderless AI Ecosystem: How Alibaba Cloud is Building the Foundations for AI Innovation

Making Global Businesses Simple with AI Excellence

Taking Fashion Forward with Tech: An Exclusive Interview with Han Neng Wong from CHARLES & KEITH

In Conversation with Yang You: Trends and Challenges in the Intelligent Industry with Efficient AI

Unleashing the Power of GPT/LLMs for Data Center Evolution

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