Connecting Your Business with China

Our tailored networking solution helps connect your multiple offices and branches between the Chinese mainland and other regions.

Networking Challenges for Global Companies

For global businesses tapping into the booming business world of Chinaa unique internet landscape that demands high network quality — the following issues are usually found difficult to be tackled with:

High Latency

High latency in public network environment.

Low Availability

High packet loss and unstable international public network connections.

Vulnerable Security

Network attacks, data leakage and other risks in public network environment.

Complicated Compliance

Worldwide complicated local network regulations.

Considerable Cost

High cost of building International enterprise private network from scratch.

Deployment & Maintenance

Requires weeks and months of deployment, and the difficult remote management.

Why Alibaba Cloud

As the NO.1 cloud provider in China, Alibaba Cloud continues to drive digital transformation partnering with millions of customers worldwide.


99.95% SLA Routing Assured
via multi-layer backup


30 Regions Globally
14 Regions in the Chinese mainland


110+ POP Globally
70+ in the Chinese mainland


3200+ CDN Nodes Globally
2300+ in the Chinese mainland


40Tbps+ BGP Bandwidth Capacity

Ensured Security

Full set of security products to ensure network security, data security, and risk management.

Full Compliance

Partner with the first-tier telecom providers to ensure full compliance with local regulations.

Quickly and Easily Set-up and Management

Enable business to set up a multi-region networking environment in 4 steps within 5 minutes.

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Alibaba Cloud Global Hybrid Network Overview

Our Global Network interconnects your global business among multiple regions, including China, in a fast, secure, and reliable hybrid network infrastructure.

Your Challenges are Our Solutions

A Cross-Region Hybrid Enterprise Network

  • Your Challenge

    For multinational enterprises and multi-region companies, the success of a cross-region business relies on the integration among multiple offices and branches worldwide. From data transmission to enterprise system integration, an efficient and reliable network is vital for even the most basic business operations.

  • Our Solution

    Alibaba Cloud cross-region hybrid network solution enables you to build a secure and stable global business network. VPN Gateway interconnects your local branches, offices, and stores with different VPCs in different regions through local data centers. Cloud Enterprise Network facilitates communications between VPCs. When expanding your business in China, you can connect to China branch with Smart Access Gateway.

High-speed Dedicated Connection Between Different Cloud Environments

  • Your Challenge

    If you have your own on-premises data center, interconnection with the cloud is required to access products and services stored there. Today, the traditional way of connecting the network via VPN can never meet enterprises’ requirements on speed, stability, security, and compliance.

  • Our Solution

    Alibaba Cloud builds Express Cloud Connect (ECC) — a cloud access service based on the hardware capacities and routing encapsulation technology of Smart Access Gateway (SAG), and the dedicated lines of telecom carriers. ECC not only guarantees compliance but also offers a highly reliable and low-latency cloud network environment.

Accelerate Website, Mobile Apps and Application Services

  • Your Challenge

    Creating a smooth and friendly user experience on your website, mobile apps, and application services are very important. Delays can lead to a dramatic bounce rate increase. Fast and reliable services are highly valuable in the network-centric era, especially for retail, e-commerce, finance, aviation, hospitality, and media industries.

  • Our Solution

    Build a global network with Cloud Enterprise Network gives you access to multiple VPCs and regions. Alibaba Cloud enables to accelerate your global network by deploying acceleration nodes around the world. You can flexibly switch between Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network and backbone network as needed.

Customer Success Stories

See how companies are leveraging Alibaba Cloud network solutions to grow and improve their business in China and globally.

"As a leading hospitality company, IHG has always been the pioneer in digital change to keep its pole position in an increasingly technology-driven and interconnected world. In this digital era, we are fully devoted to providing the best guest experience in a sustainable and global manner."

Steven Zhong | VP, Hotel and Owner Solutions, IHG Greater China

By partnering with Alibaba Cloud network, IHG has enabled more than 350 hotels in China to deploy secure, fast connection between each other and with headquarter in the United States. The simple and flexible deployment method greatly shortens the launching phase of their business, reduces the network cost by more than 50%, and enables the rapid expansion of IHG business in China.
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“On the basis of Alibaba Cloud global hybrid network solution, we could easily set up and scale up our cross-region business platform as we are rapidly developing Asia Pacific markets. Working hand in hand with partner like Alibaba Cloud, we continue to create an even more extensive global platform with lower costs but greater network quality.”

Storm Wang | IT director in Rosenberger Asia Pacific Electric Co., Ltd

The network solution of Alibaba Cloud helps Rosenberger migrate key business applications to the cloud. Through the Cloud Enterprise Network, they quickly built transnational networks covering mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Users in different regions can enjoy 12 times faster access to the business system on the Cloud.

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