Alibaba Cloud Internet Day

  • 17:00~17:15


    Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Internet and Gaming Solutions

  • 17:15~17:25


    Alibaba Cloud CDN for Gaming and Best Practices

  • 17:25~17:35


    Alibaba Cloud Gaming Platform

  • 17:35~17:50


    Alibaba Cloud Online Entertainment Solutions with Apsara Video

  • 17:50~18:00


    Application of Alibaba Cloud Network in Game Industry


Internet-based companies are experiencing booming growth and development opportunities driven by the rapid evolution of new digital technologies, digitally-savvy consumers, and need for more immersive, tailored, and entertaining interactions over the Internet. Facing such a shifting digital landscape, Internet companies need to be at the forefront and change and adopt new business models and processes to adapt. Factors such as technology enablement, data aggregation and analysis, and operational efficiency are all crucial to delivering a superior experience to users. Online services ranging from gaming, music, and videos can all be enhanced by the cloud with improved network performance, the capacity to scale quickly, data insights, and better security.
Alibaba Cloud is excited to present today’s Internet Day event to highlight some of the key issues, trends, and technology solutions that can help companies capture this growth and scale up their businesses with featured speakers from Alibaba Cloud as well as external industry experts.



Chen Bing

Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud

Bing is the Lead Solution Architect for Gaming Industry at Alibaba Cloud International. He has more than 10 years of working experience in the cloud and telecommunication industries. As lead solution architect, he has helped many of the world's largest gaming companies transform their business with cloud technology.

Leaf Ye

Staff Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud

Leaf Ye, Staff Solution Architect. Strong business acumen, strategic thinking, analytical, and problem solving skills. Demonstrated ability to form trusting relationships and to build lasting relationships with key stakeholders. Leadership skills to coordinate multidisciplinary teams at all management levels Strong drive for results - successfully delivered 30+ projects on time within schedule with great quality.

Betty Cao

Senior Business Development Manager, Alibaba Cloud

Betty Cao McIntosh is Senior Business Development Manager at Alibaba Cloud. She has more than 15 years experiences of building strategic relationships with leading customers in the life science, consumer goods, technology, and gaming industries in the US, Asia, and Europe. Before joining Alibaba, Betty worked in various positions at top technology companies including Tencent and Veeva Systems. Betty received her master degree of risk and asset management from EDHEC business school in France.

Terry Lin

International Product & Business Specialist, Alibaba Cloud

Terry Lin is a senior product operation for the international market of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. With more than 10 years of global working experience in the field of IT & Telecom industry, he has helped a lot of enterprise and SME customers to smoothly deploy the CDN and video cloud solution from Alibaba Cloud.

Roger Wang

Senior Network Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud

Roger Wang is the Lead Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud International Network Solutions. He has 13 years of work experience in network products, solutions development and marketing management. He is in charge of architecture design and delivery of global backbone networks, IDC, and SDN projects in various verticals. He is also responsible for the planning and designing of solutions in key Alibaba Cloud network projects.

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