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Thailand ACcelerate Conference - 2 October

Dive in deeper and learn more on how you can leverage on Alibaba Cloud’s range of versatile network solutions from CDN to Global Acceleration.

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Connect Thailand, Connect the World

Elastic Compute Service
Up to 40% Discount

New Generation Cloud Server
Dramatic Performance Improvements over Previous Generation Server.

24 million packet forwarding rate, which is 4 times faster.

24 μs latency, which is reduced by one half.

480,000 IOPS capability offered by enhanced SSD storage.

18% faster MySQL QPS performance compared with previous generation.

Content Delivery Network
Up to 50% Discount

Alibaba Cloud has worked with local ISPs in Thailand to deploy a highly scalable and high-performance content delivery service to ensure optimal access speeds for Thai users. Alibaba Cloud CDN will deliver content from the CDN node closest to the user, thereby ensuring a smooth web / mobile experience. Our CDN network is designed to automatically reduce any latency that could be caused by bandwidth congestion or server overload.

By using Alibaba Cloud CDN solution, you can also reduce the egress costs on your servers and save on bandwidth too. CDN is an essential tool in ensuring your users get the best browsing experience, whether it is website, mobile app acceleration, software downloads, on-demand video streaming, or live streaming.

Cloud Enterprise Network
Up to 40% Discount

With Alibaba Cloud Thailand Network PoP, Thailand customers can now use Cloud Enterprise Network to build a hybrid and distributed global network, that is ideal for enterprise users with high demand on network coverage. Its stable transmission and next-generation network environment help ensure high transmission speed and low latency for end-users.

Cloud Enterprise Network can be used to facilitate communication between VPC to VPC and VPC to IDC. Routing information in CEN can be learned and distributed automatically, which allows CEN to achieve fast routing convergence and improve network quality and security.

Short Message Service
Up to 30% Discount

Tested and Proven by Alibaba Group companies and enterprise around the world. Alibaba Cloud SMS is the choice platform to send 250M SMS to 800 Million users on the 11/11 singles day. Covering more than 1200 networks in 200 countries, Alibaba Cloud SMS makes customer lifecycle engagement at every level simple and effective. Please reach out to Alibaba Sales Representative to find out more about Alibaba cloud SMS below.

Global Accelerator
One-Month Free Trial

Global Accelerator is a network acceleration service, benefiting from the high-quality bandwidth and global transmission networks that are provided by Alibaba Cloud. Global Accelerator enables nearby access to the Internet and cross-region deployment of applications, improving the user experience of Internet services. Global Accelerator features high network quality, high security, high availability, and low latency. In addition, Global Accelerator can be activated within several minutes, making service deployment more agile.

Upgraded Support for Thailand

  • 1. Dedicated Technical Consultation

  • 2. Complimentary POC (Proof of Concept)

  • 3. Complimentary Alibaba Cloud Associate (ACA) Training & Certification

  • 4. $1000 Complimentary Cloud Credits
    *T&Cs apply

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