Alibaba Cloud Go Startup Program 2022

Digital acceleration for Indonesia's greatest talents

Go Startup Program Indonesia
Go Startup Program is an indonesia-initiatied project with supporting Startups throughout their journey of digitalization. Alibaba Cloud is committed to help tech enthusiasts from different backgrounds to grow their businesses through Asia Forward – Go Digital with Startup program. Through our program, we would like to help local talents achieving business excellence.
Alibaba Cloud online/offline growth activities
Network with Alibaba Cloud startup ecosystem partners
Coupons & technical support

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Startup Program Hands-On Tech Workshop - Wednesday, 10th August 2022 from 02:30 pm - 05:00 pm JKT Time

There's always room to grow for startups! Join our Hands-On Tech Workshop where you can learn technical and demo from our technical experts! You will get the chance to get Certifications to optimize your Startups!

Start your Startup Journey

We will guide you throughout the journey

Step 1: Startup Registration
Start growing your startup with Alibaba Cloud
Receive local supports from our partners
Step 2: Training & Mentorship
Get trainings from Alibaba Cloud Academy with our brand new startup learning path that includes: ACA/ACP cloud trainings, Cloud Exams, Mentorship trainings
Training partners
Step 3: Community Networking
Webinars to deepen your startup growth
Get the chance to experiment our Hands-on lab
Hybrid Networking meetup events
Tech workshop
Step 4: Demo Day
Get Credit competition for our Demo Day
We will choose top 10 finalists with credits and the chance to join our Open Office Hour
We will choose 1 winner for Demo Day
Step 5: Open Office Hour
Masterclass events with speakers from VC and Top startups
Get the chance to join our Office Hour where the top 10 startup finalists will have 1 on 1 Business Consulting with VC
Step 6: Exclusive Events
Exclusive invitation to take part in our offline co-event association
Opportunity to have 1-on-1 consultation with our VCs for our top 3 startup winners
Step 7: Joint Success
Get the chance to receive funding from our respected VCs
Get global exposure by getting the opportunity to apply for our Community Talents (MVP Program)
Get local tech supports and credits from Alibaba Cloud

Program timeline

  • April - May 2022
    Enrollment and opening
  • June 2022
    Monthly Check-in
    Networking meet-up
  • July 2022
    VC consultation
  • August 2022
    Demo day
  • September 2022
    Evaluation and Coupon distribution
    1:1 Alibaba Cloud support
    Closing for batch 1

Program benefits

  • Coupons

    - Up to millions USD coupons for Indonesia market
    - Value distribution will be case by case

  • Services

    - Get local technical, business and marketing expert support
    - Express connect with local technical consultant
    - Dedicated account manager
    - Marketing leads gen support

  • Ecosystem

    - Hundreds of local partners across industries!
    - Connections with VC & Communities
    - Link with Incubator and startup networks
    - Leverage Alibaba ecosystem

  • Product

    - 3 Local Data Centers in Indonesia
    - Provide world leading products with exclusive discounts
    - CEN/MongoDB/ Kubernets / PolarDB / Anti-DDoS, etc

  • Consultation

    - 1:1 Consultation with top VCs, product & business leaders.
    - Join Startup masterclass with unicorns
    - 1:1 Open hour with VCs

  • Training

    - FREE various training
    - Training program from Cloud computing, Big Data to AI
    - Training from startup-focus partners

  • Program

    - Startup Program
    - Get connected with Communities / Accelerator
    - All types of online/offline webinars with leaders
    - Demo day
    - Joint Marketing Fund

Mentors, Incubators and Community Partners

Venture Capital Partners

Our Speakers


Enterprise Mobile Application Studio(EMAS)

EMAS is a leading domestic cloud-native Application research and development platform (Mobile App, H5 Application, Mini Program, Web Application, etc.) from Alibaba Cloud, it is committed to providing enterprises and developers with one-stop application R & D management services.

ApsaraVideo VOD

Build secure, scalable, and highly customizable VOD platforms and applications with efficiency.

Elastic Desktop Service

EDS enables quick and convenient creation and deployment as well as centralized management and O&M for desktop environments. You can quickly create a secure, high-performance, and cost-efficient cloud desktop without making large hardware investments upfront.

2021 Startup highlights

Global Startup Accelerator 2021

2021's Project AsiaForward initiative to bring digital transformation to local enterprises in Asia and nurture fresh talent.


The Country Star of the Alibaba Cloud x KrASIA Global Startup Accelerator Indonesia Demo Day


Deep tech company that develops natural language processing technology building blocks, platforms, and solutions.

Who can participate?

1. Seed round & above

Startups that already went through seed round with certain customer-base (accept for high-po exceptions)

2. Eager to explore cloud or already on cloud

Startups that are on cloud or willing to explore cloud. Open for hybrid, multi-cloud are welcome

3. Willingness of participation

Startups that are willing to engage with Go Startup program with full team, top from C-level, IT departments to execution level.

4. New customer to Alibaba Cloud

Startups that are new to Alibaba cloud or haven’t been using Alibaba cloud is eligible for this program.
(existing customers please contact your service manager)

Our Startup Customers

Go Startup Opening Highlights

Watch the highlight from Go Startup Opening on 24 March 2022!

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