Alibaba Cloud FinTech Day

  • 09:00 - 09:40

    Reveal FinTech Secrets Behind Double 11
    Tim Tang, Country Manager, Alibaba Cloud, USA
  • 09:40 - 10:08

    Alibaba Cloud Key Solutions & Pace of Innovations
    Ang Wei Shan,Database Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence
  • 10:08 - 10:55

    Risk Management for FinTech with Hands-on Demo
    Nancy Nan, Head of International Financial Product and Solution, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. Derek Meng, Global Technical Training Instructor, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence
  • 10:55 - 11:35

    Customer sharing session: Adira & Dana
    Hendra, Head of Digital Engineering & Architecture, Adira Finance. Zikry Zakiyulfuadi, VP of Technical Operations, VP of Technical Operations at DANA Indonesia
  • 13:00 - 13:50

    Easily Scale Up and Down on Alibaba Cloud
    Gin Zhu,Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Indonesia. Martin Bailey,Head of Innovation,Temenos.
  • 13:50 - 14:02

    Product Launch - Alibaba Cloud Bastionhost for FinTech
    Jade Huang,Product Management Manager
  • 14:02 - 14:38

    Data Security for FinTech
    Raymond Huang,Director of Cloud Architecture, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence
  • 14:38 - 14:48

    Application Security
    Matt Yu,Senior Cybersecurity Architect
  • 14:48 - 15:16

    How Can Forex Benefit afrom Alibaba Cloud Global Connection
    Yitian Xu, Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Nordics & Cyprus
  • 15:16 - 15:50

    Innovation: Ant Blockchain
    Ida Yuan,Staff Solution Architect



Henry Zhang

General Manager of Product and Solution for Alibaba Cloud

Henry is the General Manager of Product and Solution for Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International and oversees the product vision, strategy, and go-to-market for global markets. He has over 10 years of experience in building cloud services to create transformative business value.

Derek Meng

Global Technical Training Instructor,
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Mr. Derek Meng is a seasoned training expert in Big Data and Machine Learning area with 10 years database development experience as big data architect. He currently leads the big data and machine learning course development for Alibaba Cloud International.

Ang Wei Shan

Database Architect,
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Wei Shan has over 9 years of working experience as a Database Engineer on Linux platform. He started off his career as an DBA, working in various industries. 5 years ago, he started working with open-source datastore technologies. Currently, he works in Alibaba as a Database Architect, helping customers in adopting Cloud database technologies.

Nancy Nan

Head of International Financial Product and Solution, Alibaba Cloud

Nancy Nan, Head of International Financial Product and Solution, oversees the strategy and solution roadmap for international financial industry. Nancy has more than 10 years experience in financial service and internet products, including more than 3 years in Ant Financial.


Head of Digital Engineering & Architecture, Adira Finance

Hendra has 15 years of experience working in both telecommunication and finance companies in software engineering, integration, and development. Currently, Hendra is a leader, tech researcher, and advisor for the digital engineering team in Adira Finance.

Zikry Zakiyulfuadi

VP of Technical Operations at DANA Indonesia

Zikry Zakiyulfuadi Leads four departments in DANA, Data Analytics Team, SRE/DevOps Team, Technical Support Team, and Technical Risk Team.
Prior to DANA, Zikry has 15 years of working experience in Software Engineering working in a startup and several corporates such as Ice House, Apta Media, MNC Group, TelkomVision (Telkom Group).

Yitian Xu

Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud, Intelligence Nordics & Cyprus

Mr. Yitian Xu is working as Solution Architect in Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International. He has around 10 years’experience in Cloud Computing, IT Enterprise Architecture, and DevOps area. Yitian is responsible for digitial transformation projects for Alibaba Cloud International Key accounts. Also he is focusing on providing industrial specified solutions for FX customers.

Gin Zhu

Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Indonesia

Gin Zhu is Solution Architect from Alibaba Cloud Indonesia team. He currently focuses on security solution and is a certified trainer for cloud computing with ACE passed. He holds a Bachelor of Software Engineering from Zhejiang University.

Jade Huang

Product Management Manager

Jade Huang is product management manager for product/solution Go-to-Market to overseas market. Jade has five years working experience on network, audio/video RTC and security products/solutions in the realms of 5G, Mobile Edge Computing, IoT, Enterprise Network and Internet Live Broadcasting. Jade holds a master degree in Electrical Engineer from the University of Manchester.

Ida Yuan

Staff Solution Architect

Dr. Yuan is head of solution architect for Ant Financial Blockchain ASEAN. She has led many Blockchain projects and has also taught Blockchain courses as an adjunct lecturer in National University of Singapore. Prior to Ant Financial, she was one of the founding members of IBM’s Singapore Center for Blockchain innovations. She received her PhD degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University.

Raymond Huang

Director of Cloud Architecture,
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Dr. Raymond Huang graduated from the Cornell University with a Ph.D. degree specializing in Computer Architecture research with a focus on highly reliable, secure, and available computing design. Since joining Alibaba Cloud, he is the Director of Cloud Architecture and oversees the overall cloud architecture design and the security design of the cloud platform and products.

Matt Yu

Senior Cybersecurity Architect

Matt Yu is Alibaba Cloud Senior Cybersecurity Architect, with 10 years of cybersecurity-related products architect design and development experience. He has a deep understanding of cybersecurity technology innovations and assisted many MNCs and internet companies to solve their cybersecurity concerns for their business.


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