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Deploy and Run Netflix Dispatch with Alibaba Cloud Database

Deploy and Run Netflix Dispatch with Alibaba Cloud Database

Dispatch is an open-source project from Netflix for managing incidents. The docker image of Dispatch depends on an open source PostgreSQL by default.
This solution deploys and runs Netflix Dispatch on Alibaba Cloud with ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL to enhance the database high availability.
Reference Architecture
Deploy Resources
Use this file in Terraform to provision ECS, EIP, and RDS PostgreSQL instances from this solution.
Set Up Docker and Git
1. Get the EIP of the ECS and then log on to ECS via SSH. Please use the account root/N1cetest; the password has been predefined in Terraform script for this tutorial.
ssh root@EIP_ECS
2. Download and run the setup script to setup Docker and Git client on ECS.
Configure RDS PostgreSQL as the Database for Dispatch
Run the following command and edit the .env file with RDS PostgreSQL connection information.
cd dispatch-docker
mv .env.example .env
vim .env
Install and Run Dispatch
1. Run the following command to install Dispatch.
2. Run the following command to start the container in the background.
docker-compose up -d
3. Visit the following URL in a web browser to start using Dispatch.

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