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Deploy custom Alibaba Cloud solutions for business-critical scenarios with Quick Start templates.


Alibaba Cloud offers Quick Start templates that allow you to easily deploy custom solutions for business-critical scenarios such as cloud migration, data analysis and containers, in a fast, reliable, secure, and cost-efficient way. Every Quick Start is a deployable architecture that comes equipped with JSON and YAML templates that automate the deployment, as well as a list of relevant prerequisites, procedures, and resources.

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Deploy and Run TPC-H Benchmark on Alibaba Cloud

This solution deploys and runs TPC-H, a decision support benchmark consisting of a suite of business-oriented ad hoc queries and concurrent data modifications, on Alibaba Cloud with AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL. TPC-H illustrates decision support systems that examine large volumes of data, execute queries with a high degree of complexity, and give answers to critical business questions.

Deploy and Run Apache OFBiz on Alibaba Cloud

This solution deploys OFBiz on Alibaba Cloud quickly to enhance the database availability. Apache OFBiz is an open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It provides a suite of enterprise applications that integrate and automate the business processes of an enterprise. This solution deploys OFBiz with the High Availability Edition of ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL for higher stability.

Deploy and Run Redash on Alibaba Cloud

This solution deploys Redash with Docker on Ubuntu on Alibaba Cloud ECS to enhance the high availability of Alibaba Cloud database family. Redash is designed to enable anyone, regardless of the level of technical sophistication, to harness the power of data big and small. SQL users leverage Redash to explore, query, visualize, and share data from any data sources. Their work in turn enables anybody in their organization to use the data.

Deploy and Run Superset on Alibaba Cloud

Superset is a modern data exploration and visualization platform. This solution deploys Superset on Alibaba Cloud to enhance the high availability of Alibaba Cloud database family, by using the Superset image in Alibaba Cloud Marketplace, which is well packaged and configured for easy starting and future version upgrading.

Deploy and Run Netflix Dispatch with Alibaba Cloud Database

Dispatch is an open-source project from Netflix for managing incidents. The docker image of Dispatch depends on an open source PostgreSQL by default. This solution deploys and runs Netflix Dispatch on Alibaba Cloud with ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL to enhance the database high availability.

Deploy COVID-19 Tracker Web App on Alibaba Cloud

This solution deploys a simple cloud-native web app, COVID-19 Tracker, on Alibaba Cloud to visualize the spread and impact of COVID-19. You can subscribe for daily updates and view statistics information of the epidemic through this app.

Build and Run an Online Game Leaderboard Application on Redis

This solution provides a simple method to build and run a leaderboard application for gaming in the Java environment. You can refer to the sample in this solution to set up a Java development environment on ECS and run a leaderboard demo application.

Use Marketplace Image to Deploy a WordPress Website on Alibaba Cloud

This solution uses a WordPress website image on Alibaba Cloud Marketplace to deploy a WordPress website on ECS quickly. The deployment is divided into several phases, with each phase adopting a typical architecture for specific business needs.

Deploy and Run Apache Airflow on Alibaba Cloud

This solution deploys Airflow with the high availability edition of ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL to replace the default single node PostgreSQL, and runs a data migration task in Airflow.

Deploy and Run Azkaban on Alibaba Cloud

This solution deploys Azkaban in multiple executor mode with the high availability version of ApsaraDB RDS MySQL, using only one ECS to host both the Azkaban web server and an Azkaban executor server, and runs a demo workflow task.

Build and Run ETL Data Pipeline and BI with Luigi and Metabase on Alibaba Cloud

This solution deploys Metabase and Luigi on Alibaba Cloud and uses ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL as the backend database of Metabase to enhance high availability. It sets up a demo database, runs a demo ETL data pipeline on Luigi, and generates the BI report on Metabase.

Deploy and Run an Interactive Roadmap Web App on Alibaba Cloud

This solution deploys and runs a social web app based on Next.js and MongoDB. This app was designed based on the original project https://github.com/hoangvvo/nextjs-mongodb-app, with modifications and customization to make it work on Alibaba Cloud ECS and MongoDB.

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