Digital Beats: Elasticsearch on the Cloud

What happens when open software meets Cloud Computing

What happens when open software meets Cloud Computing


Yangqing Jia

Vice President of Alibaba Group

Yangqing Jia is currently Vice President of Alibaba Group and Senior Fellow of the Computing Platform BU, which provides Big Data and Artificial Intelligence platforms for both Alibaba internal use and Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. Prior to Alibaba, Yangqing served as Director of AI Infrastructure at Facebook, creating and supporting the large-scale AI platform and research. Prior to that he was research scientist at Google Brain, having contributed to state of the art AI solutions such as GoogleNet, Tensorflow and mobile AI.

Shay Banon

Founder & CEO of Elastic

As a founder of Elasticsearch and the CEO of Elastic, he has been fascinated with search ever since he tried to build a recipe app for his wife in 2004, a journey that led to him writing the first few lines of code of Elasticsearch in 2009 and later founding Elastic in 2012. As someone who got into computers by counting the number of job postings in the newspaper, he loves building things — a product, a community, or a company — and the process of acquiring the knowledge to do so.

Get Started with Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch:

Designed for Search and Analytics

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch is based on the open-source Elasticsearch engine and offers built-in integrations, such as Kibana and other commercial functionalities. Elasticsearch features enterprise-level access control, security monitoring, and automatic updates.

The Complete Guide to Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch

This eBook introduces the features and functions of Elasticsearch, its best practices, and how to launch your Elasticsearch with quick migration.

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