Digital Beats: Digital Transformation in the New Normal

Join a panel with Deloitte, VMware, MongoDB, and Alibaba Cloud experts to learn how to adapt and thrive in the post-pandemic era


Hong Choing

Head of Global Partner Ecosystem & Strategic Alliances at Alibaba Cloud

Hong Choing is a passionate business and technology leader with 20+ years of experience driving technology innovations, accelerating the sales growth of complex products, services, and solutions in competitive global and domestic markets. Throughout his career in start-ups and as a business owner, he has worked with several multinational companies from the technology and healthcare fields. Hong had progressive leadership responsibilities leading sales, partner managing, strategic alliances, product development, and high-performing teams. He is a transformative and collaborative leader with high integrity working in complex and ambiguous environments.

Frances Yu

Partner & Global Offering Lead at Deloitte

Frances Yu is a Partner with Deloitte Consulting LLP. She is the global lead for Deloitte's Enterprise Digital Strategy offering and the High Tech sector lead for Deloitte Digital’s Market offering. Additionally, she is a leader in Deloitte's end-to-end CMO Services and Customer Transformation practice. Frances spent the past 18 years helping global companies drive demand-driven growth by making enterprise-wide digital strategy and organization choices, launching new digital-enabled businesses and brands, and transforming sales and marketing capabilities digitally.

Larry Quinlan

Global Chief Information Officer at Deloitte

Larry Quinlan is a Global Chief Information Officer at Deloitte, one of the world’s largest professional services organizations, with over 330,000 people in more than 150 countries and territories. As the Global Chief Information Officer, Larry is responsible for all facets of technology. Additionally, he serves as Dean of the Next Generation CIO Academy, Deloitte’s CIO leadership development program for client executives.

Alan Chhabra

SVP of Worldwide Partners & SVP of Asia at MongoDB

Alan Chhabra is responsible for World Wide Partners and running Asia Sales at MongoDB. Prior to MongoDB, Alan worked for BMC Software, responsible for Global Cloud and Data Center Automation Sales. This was a $200M annual revenue business unit that touched over 1000 customers. At BMC, Alan led the Global Services architect organization across all business units and became the Founding Executive of the BMC Cloud Center of Excellence. Alan has held Senior Sales, Services, and IT positions at Egenera (a cloud pioneer), Ernst & Young Consulting, and the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory.

Mark Lohmeyer

SVP & GM of the Cloud Platform Business Unit at VMware

Mark Lohmeyer joined VMware in 2014 and has joint responsibility with Fidelma Russo for VMware’s Cloud Services Business Unit. In this role, Mark leads engineering, cloud operations, product management, product marketing, user experience, and developer experience for the VMware Cloud portfolio of services across the major Public Clouds, Cloud Provider Partners, and Local Cloud solutions. Prior to this role, Mark was the SVP/GM for the Cloud Platform Business Unit, responsible for the core vSphere platform, VMware Cloud on AWS, and common VMware services, including data analytics and user experience.

In-Depth collaboration with Alibaba Cloud

Global Presence With Joint Go-to-Market Strategies

Alibaba Cloud has 30 regions, 89 available zones, and 3200+ CDN Pops worldwide. Alibaba Cloud is a global cloud provider that helps Technology Partners deploy their solutions on the Alibaba Cloud platform. Technology Partners can leverage Alibaba Cloud’s global presence and new opportunities with help from our marketing experts.

Coverage across Industries, Available through the Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem

Alibaba Cloud covers a wide range of industries, including farming, FinTech, public sector, Internet, aviation, and more. Alibaba Cloud Technology Partners can leverage our previous successes and promote their solutions to clients worldwide.

Reliable Core Infrastructure

Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, is the core infrastructure that handles the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival every year. Alibaba Cloud offers its reliable infrastructure and technology to Technology Partners to help them build more robust and reliable solutions and operate in a fast-paced market.

Technology Is the Key to Doing Business Anywhere

“Making it easy to do business anywhere” is the core value of Alibaba Group. We strongly believe we can support SMEs, enterprises, public sectors, and other industries looking to deliver transformation solutions with the right technology in place. Alibaba Cloud technology can lead to a successful business that expands worldwide.

Alibaba Cloud’s Technology Partner Alliances

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