Digital Beats: Digital Media Revolution

What technological challenges are impacting the media industry, and what are the improvements? Come and check out the latest information by listening to experts from Alibaba Cloud, MediaShock Productions, and Vstream Media.


Kan Yang

Director of Big Data and Consulting at Alibaba Cloud

With over ten years of experience in Big Data, Yang Kan leads Alibaba Cloud big data and AI business strategy and solutions for APAC. He and his team are dedicated to building solutions for retail clients, helping them adopt cutting-edge and cloud-native data intelligence solutions to drive business growth.

Mingsong Ang

CEO MediaShock Productions & Vstream Media

Mingsong Ang is the CEO of MediaShock, a leading production house in Southeast Asia dedicated to pushing the boundaries in commercial, promotional, animation, and product launch media. Ang also runs Vstream Media, delivering expert video livestreams, secure enterprise-grade broadcasting, and interactive branded conferences to over ten countries. He also supports the teaching faculty at the National Institute of Education in Singapore as a consultant.

Media Solution Highlights

One-Stop Media Solution

Alibaba Cloud's robust media service capabilities ensure a seamless cloud experience throughout the entire media lifecycle from video production, media storage, video processing, and content management, to video play and distribution.

Insightful Data Analytics

The video big data and AI services offer capabilities on personalized content recommendation and content management such as illicit content identification, advertisement identification, scenario recognition, and speech recognition.

Fast Video Distribution

Based on more than 3,200 global Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) nodes, Real-Time Streaming (RTS) supports tens of millions of concurrent streams with a maximum end-to-end latency of two seconds.

Quick Deployment

The out-of-the-box video SDK features help deploy multi-screen live content offerings rapidly on all mainstream platforms without changing your legacy architecture.

Industry Best Practices

This media solution was born from Alibaba's years of in-depth industry practices with Youku and Taobao and has developed many industry best practices that can be replicated quickly.

Cost Efficiency

The pay-as-you-go billing method allows you to pay flexibly. This media solution also supports resource package pre-payments to save additional costs.

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Customer Success Stories

"Yippi aims to grow its user base to become one of the largest super apps in Southeast Asia, and hopes to continue to work closely with Alibaba Cloud to explore more solutions in data trends and prediction."

Yippi is a popular social media app for messaging, content sharing, and livestreaming. Alibaba Cloud and ApsaraVideo Live were a clear choice for Yippi. ApsaraVideo Live provides the necessary networking and computing support as well as real-time transcoding technology for stable high-speed streaming. Yippi can deploy applications in the agile environment using the Alibaba Cloud Container Service.

“Alibaba Cloud CDN helps MNC in ensuring all content delivered to users in Indonesia smoothly even for some users who only have low bandwidth."

– MNC Group CTO

MNC is Indonesia's leading integrated media company. Alibaba Cloud's mature, full-featured networking solution helps MNC stay competitive in Indonesia's fast-growing digital media market. Alibaba Cloud ensured a stable and reliable experience for millions of MNC customers by offloading network traffic to CDN. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud's solution has provided optimizations through changes as improved codecs for platform video players.

Alibaba Cloud’s widely distributed availability zones and highly stable computing, storage, and networking services, enabled TFI, the official worldwide online streaming provider for the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards, to deliver smooth and reliable streams to nearly 100,000 viewers in 27 designated territories.

Wilson Yuen, Founder and CEO of TFI Digital Media Limited

TFI Digital Media Limited (TFI) is a pioneer in video technology headquartered in Hong Kong. Alibaba Cloud’s robust infrastructure and dynamic services helped TFI drastically improve network performance, seamlessly migrate to the cloud, and minimize costs significantly. Through Alibaba Cloud's CDN, TFI enables their client, King's Glory Education (KGE), to avoid unpredictable network latency and unstable speed issues.

“CDN is reliable, and OSS is simple and practical. The seamless connectivity ensures quick and reliable access to Changba's data.”

Changba is a free social karaoke mobile app. Alibaba Cloud's storage reliability is a good choice for Changba's architecture and became an alternative to Changba's storage solution. Alibaba Cloud OSS prevents a machine room SPOF from threatening Changba's service reliability. CDN ensures high access speed, even during the highest Internet bandwidth usage periods, such as the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival.

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