The Forrester New Wave™: SaaS Marketplaces, Q2 2020

Alibaba Cloud ranks third in strategy as the only shortlisted provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows you to automate repetitive tasks. It also allows you to integrate business rules and decisions into processes. This improves employee productivity.

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API Gateway

API Gateway provides you with high-performance and highly available API hosting services to deploy and release your APIs on Alibaba Cloud products.

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Intelligent Robot

A dialogue platform that enables smart dialog (based on natural language processing) through a range of dialogue-enabling clients

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In a report, Forrester pointed out, based on the world's leading market scale and service characteristics, Alibaba Cloud Marketplace provides thousands of applications and complex functions developed by major ISVs, covering search, transaction, enterprise resource management, and customer relationship management. It helps cloud-based enterprises improve digital productivity to achieve wider commercial value. Alibaba Cloud provides high-level security and compliance assurance and is currently the most suitable choice for government and enterprise environments in China.

Alibaba Cloud in the Report

Alibaba Cloud can match any firm’s scale and features. Customers outside of China may not be as familiar, but Alibaba has thousands of SaaS applications and sophisticated features across all major areas of the marketplace, including search, transaction, and management console.

Alibaba Cloud is the best fit for Chinese companies or divisions . In addition to the scale of applications available for China’s market, Alibaba has processes to ensure compliance with Chinese law (and approval by the Chinese government) in different areas, such as security.

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