The Forrester Wave™: Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions in China, Q4 2020

Alibaba Cloud was named a Leader in Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions. Forrester commented that ‘PAI is ideal for firms that already run business applications on Alibaba Cloud and seek easy, high-performance model training and deployment services.’

Machine Learning Platform for AI

An end-to-end platform that provides various machine learning algorithms to meet your data mining and analysis requirements.

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Machine Translation

Relying on Alibaba's leading natural language processing and deep learning technology, based on massive e-commerce data, we provide customized high-quality machine translation services for Alibaba Cloud users.

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Intelligent Speech Interaction

Enterprises can integrate Intelligent Speech Interaction into their products to enable them to listen, understand, and converse with users, providing users with an immersive human-computer interaction experience.

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In China, the digital economy is showing its resilience as the "real" economy faces severe challenges. To support the empowerment of the digital economy, the government announced its New Infrastructure campaign, with AI as a key building block. Chinese firms show above-average enthusiasm for building AI capabilities in-house. Since AI is fundamentally composed of machine learning (ML) models, choosing the right PAML solution can help firms improve their AI productivity and ability to develop, deploy, and scale models to support a fast-growing number of use cases.

Our key takeaways from this report:

·Why was Alibaba Cloud named a Leader

·How will Alibaba Cloud's PAML services be differentiated

·How Forrester views the current and future trends of Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in China

·How major players perform in this report, and why are they positioned there

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