The Forrester Wave™: Function-as-a-Service Platforms, Q1 2021

Alibaba Cloud was named a Leader in the Function-as-a-Service Platforms, Q1 2021. Forrester views Alibaba Function Compute as a leader in the FaaS market, especially for clients looking to process video-heavy workloads or take advantage of the function concurrency their container-centric model supports.

Function Compute

A secure and stable, elastically scaled, O&M-free, pay-as-you-go, serverless computing platform.

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FaaS platforms give developers a quick way to build cloud-native microservices by abstracting away the complexities of managing and scaling clusters of containers or virtual machines. In return for handing over management of lower-level infrastructure concerns to a FaaS provider, developers get a programming environment that lets them write microservices as small, simple functions in languages they already know like Java, C#, JavaScript, or Python. The FaaS provider then automatically scales these microservices up (and down) as demand for the services dictates.

Key Takeaways:

·Why Alibaba Cloud was named a Leader

·How Alibaba Cloud's Function-as-a-Service Platforms will be differentiated

·How major players perform in this report

·Why major players are positioned where they are

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