Alibaba Cloud Day Dubai: Tech for Innovation

Join Alibaba Cloud Dubai Summit to meet with industry disruptors in person and discuss future trends! (Available online)

Tech for Innovation

9th June 2022 9:15~14:00(UTC+4)


Warm Up

Alibaba Cloud Best Practice in New Retail Industry

Alibaba Cloud Best Practice in New Retail Industry 2

Alibaba Cloud Best Practice in Fintech Industry

Alibaba Cloud Best Practice in Fintech Industry 2

Shaping the future of B2B in MENA

Panel Discussion: How Data Drives Digital Transformation?


Affected by the global epidemic, businesses and professionals from all walks of life are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, and as a result, digital transformation and innovation have accelerated. Amid the rapid changes in the external environment, consumer behaviors have shifted, and their expectations have also risen. Therefore, the supply chain and ecological environment of various industries are facing huge pressure. The retail, Internet, finance, and transportation industries are the forerunners of digital transformation and innovation. For example, traditional retail is now leveraging online live broadcasts to improve sales growth; social networks are using VR and AR technology to develop the Metaverse; financial services are developing touchless payment solutions to improve customer experience, and logistics services are leveraging data-driven inventory and supply chain management to enhance the expansion and visualization of operational capabilities.
The Alibaba Cloud Summit will invite industry experts and industry leaders to share their insights and experience in the retail, Internet, finance, and transportation industries. At the same time, Alibaba Cloud will also announce our latest product launches and share our industry best practices. We will help enterprises to accelerate transformation and innovation in a new way in the new year. Join the Alibaba Cloud Summit, and meet face-to-face with industry disruptors and discuss future trends.

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Selina Yuan

GM of International Business, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Selina Yuan leads the international division of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group, heading a global team across APAC, Europe, Americas and Middle East, and enabling cloud technology for millions of customers around the world.
Selina Yuan brings more than 20 years of experience in leading and growing technology businesses globally.

Saeed Mohammed Alhebsi


Graduate of the first batch of artificial intelligence program from Oxford University - Ministry of Artificial Intelligence.
Graduate of the first batch of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Program - Prime Minister's Office.
Graduate of the first batch of the Emirates Program for Creative Government Leaders - Prime Minister's Office.

Daniel Jiang

GM of the Middle East and Africa Region,
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Daniel Jiang is GM of META region, Head of International Hybrid Cloud Business Development, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. He has more than 20 years' working experiences in the communication, IT, and cloud domains.
He is responsible for Cloud Intelligence International’s Solutions across multiple industries and technologies including IaaS, PaaS, Big Data, Security, and AI. his mission is to enable the customers to achieve success in “Data Intelligence”.

Adel Shakri

Director of planning and business development, RTA

Adel Shakri is the director of planning and business development. He is a graduate from Mohammed ben Rashid center for leadership development. Adel is currently supervising most of the smart mobility projects in the emirates of Dubai, by managing systems that serve more than 300 million passengers yearly and leading more than multiple teams regarding mobility management including the expo infrastructure readiness team. He has recommended the amendments to the legislation of one of the biggest companies in the Ehail sector “Uber” that guarantees the rights for all stakeholders, which resulted in a successful operation for Uber in Dubai.

Ridab Nasseredine

Senior planner - project manager AI & big data, RTA

Licensed Architect, and urban planner ( AIA, APA) specializing in smart cities. Graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, MS smart cities. With previous work experience with international consultants and with the United Nations ( UNGA and UN habitat )New York, USA on the implementation of the new urban agenda and the SDG.
Ridab is currently working at the Roads and Transportation Authority, Dubai government, UAE, as a senior planner and project manager on Big Data and AI.and also acting as advisor with the Middle East Cities Center as an advisor on SDG #11 sustainable cities and communities.

Savio Anthony

Category-Head-Cloud & Infrastructure Group, Redington

Savio is a seasoned cloud professional with over 18 years’ experience in international markets across APAC and MEA specializing in various domains including Cloud, Security and Infrastructure. He will focused on building various platforms that enables our channel ecosystem  add value to our customers in areas of optimization, efficiency, cost savings, management and security.

Raymond Xiao

Head of International Industry Solutions and Architecture,
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Raymond Xiao is currently leading Alibaba Cloud’s international industry solutions and architecture team to serve customers worldwide.
His team focuses on driving industry solutions and practices, technology innovation and adoption by applying Alibaba Cloud’s broad spectrum of product portfolio to international markets and ecosystems. Raymond joined Alibaba Cloud in 2016 and previously served as Chief Solutions Architect of Alibaba Cloud HMTP region.

Akash Verma

Senior Data Intelligence Architect,
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Akash is an experienced solution architect with 11 years of experience in the international market delivering Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data solutions.
He focused on data & AI solutions for customers in the global region, led multiple large-scale AI & Big Data solutions across domains, and strengthened strategic business relationships by driving digital transformation and achieving the vision for data-driven organizations.

Bader Barham

Senior Solution Architect,
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Bader is working with Alibaba Cloud as a Senior Solution Architect. He is one of the youngest and most talented SA in Alibaba Cloud team.
Bader has been in UAE since 2014 working on the digital transformation and IT field.

Hasnain Gilani

Head of Solutions,
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Hasnain is working with Alibaba Cloud leading complex engagements across multiple industry verticals,a career spanning over 16 years across solution & service providers.Extensive work experience across Australia,Asia Pacific,Europe & now Middle East & Africa.

Marius Ciavola

CEO of Tradeling

A seasoned operational head with vast experience in the Middle East e-commerce space, Marius Ciavola is Chief Executive Officer at, the MENA region’s primary B2B e-commerce platform. Ciavola’s experience spans Fulfilment, Customer Service, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Operations. He is a trainer of Lean Methodologies across all operations including process standardization, improvement, and optimization.

Lixiang Baumann

Managing Director, Africa,
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Lixiang has been working in the telecommunication industry in Africa for the last two decades, bringing a wealth of Africa maket insight. Prior to joining Alibaba Cloud, Lixiang headed up CMI (China Mobile International SA) as Country Head.

Piyush Kakkar

Director industry solutions,
Alibaba Cloud intelligence

Piyush Kakkar has served as Director for Industry Solution at Alibaba Cloud since 2019, Prior to this role, Mr. Piyush served across various presales & sales roles across the region, In past decade, He has focussed upon Carrier & enterprise markets across middle east & africa, Piyush is a passionate learner and anchors his leadership principles in what he calls a high-growth mindset, which is required to transform and accelerate business. Continually checking items off what he calls his “Career Bucket List”, Piyush has demonstrated expertise in identifying market opportunity and business transformation needs.

Basab Banerjee

CIO of Matrix

Mr. Basab Banerjee is the Chief Information Officer with Matrix Exchange. He is responsible for defining and executing the technology strategy, leading all aspects of technology, from architecture to back-end to software development.
He has over 28 years of work experience in various IT roles with companies mainly in the FinTech sector in India and United Arab Emirates. Prior to joining Matrix, he has served DGCX group as IT Director and CTO and has been instrumental in setting up multi-asset Exchange infrastructure like Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX), IBS-Forex, Inter-connected Stock Exchange of India Ltd and several other marketplace projects.

Isi Abebe

Founder of ShopEx and PENDA

Isi relocated to Nigeria from the UK in February 2018 to found ShopEx. Prior to that he had been involved in the launch of several TV stations in the UK from concept to delivery. In his previous roles at one of the largest teleshopping companies in the UK, he managed over 100 hours of TV infomercials per day across 65 TV channels with oversight of five national teleshopping channels on SKY and Freesat. Isi has a passion for direct response television and the monetisation of TV content in omnichannel environments.

Omar Bazzari

Director of Technology, DubaiStore

Omar is an experienced technical leader with over 18 years of experience in technical, project and product management.
He joined DubaiStore at its inception bringing broad base of technical skills and knowledge. In this role, he leads the technology direction and product strategic vision for DubaiStore program management.
During his tenure in technical product management, Omar has been responsible for driving product strategy and direction. He also has been intimately involved in a number of new product ideas and development efforts and has been closely aligned with customer needs and requirements.

Products & Solutions

Cloud Enterprise Network

A global network for rapidly building a distributed business system and hybrid cloud to help users create a network with enterprise level-scalability and the communication capabilities of a cloud network.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

You can use content delivery network (CDN) to deliver content to users from the nodes that are nearest to them, accelerating the response to user requests and increasing the response rate.

Elastic Compute Service

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) provides fast memory and the latest Intel CPUs to help you to power your cloud applications and achieve faster results with low latency.

Global Network

An end-to-end software-defined network solution for multinational enterprises

Omnichannel Data Mid-End

One-stop omnichannel solution for big data construction, management, and application

Financial Services

Turn your financial services know-how into business success with Alibaba Cloud best practices

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