As financial institutions face increasing consumer expectations, there is an increasing need to adopt emerging technologies and alternative business models. DigitaLIVE Conference is a half-day event featuring panel discussions with industry leaders and customers on building digital trust in a digital economy and bridging data security gaps, and deep dives into cutting-edge FinTech innovations such as blockchain and AI.



Tan Bin Ru

OneConnect Financial Technology

Bin Ru is responsible for expanding OneConnect’s financial technology solutions internationally outside of China. With over 20 years of experience in Sales and Operations, she has helped driven successful sales strategies and operational improvements with multiple MNCs and startups.

Yeo Teck Guan

Chief Business Technology Officer
Singapore Pools

As the CBTO of Singapore Pools, Mr. Yeo currently spearheads all its information technology initiatives, driving the organisation’s digital acumen by collaborating with industry leaders to conduct Proof of Concept on disruptive technologies.

Eng Thiam Choon

Chief Executive Officer, Tiger Brokers (Singapore)

Thiam Choon brings over 14 years of domain expertise in the trading commodities and financial future space across Asia, where he managed numerous portfolios of investments ranging from retail to corporate and B2B businesses.

At Tiger Brokers (Singapore), Thiam Choon is responsible for the company’s growth strategy and business operations, aligning with Tiger Brokers’ global expansion plan.

Claudine Ang

Head of Marketing SEA & India
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

With close to 20 years of marketing experience, Claudine manages the overall marketing for the region – Singapore, Thailand, India, Myanmar and Cambodia. Prior to this, she has accumulated vast experience in the events services industry where she has played an instrumental role in launching new technology shows.

Edy Susanto

Business Development Lead - Fintech
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Edy is an experienced business development lead at Alibaba Cloud with comprehensive knowledge and understanding in solution selling and market development for Analytic, Digital Transformation and Automation and FinTech products.

Jawn Lim

Solutions Architect
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Jawn covers the FSI industry in Singapore, strategizing end-to-end full stack solutions for clients. He has an expansive knowledge on System/Network/Cloud/Security/Container on various industries of all scales.

Mike Leow

Senior Compliance Manager
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Mike currently takes charge of the Privacy Compliance for Alibaba Cloud for Asia, as well as the Security Compliance for Australia, Japan and India. Some of the key initiatives undertaken by him includes, but not limit to, Cookies consent, Data Protection/ Privacy by Design, APEC CBPR/PRP certifications, Data Center security audit and etc.

Sijukumar Kumaran

Director of International Enterprise Innovation Solutions, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Siju is an experienced Digital Transformation Leader with 18+ years of Solution/Architecture/Delivery experience and has helped clients strengthen business opportunities through strategic IT solution planning.

Derrick Loi

General Manager
Ant Group Intelligent Technology (International)

Derrick holds 25 years of experience in FinTech, cloud computing, enterprise data center, digital transformation, data security, data protection, and managed services in Asia Pacific and global markets.

Karim Raffa

Chief Operations Officer

Karim is the COO of CACHE Gold, an asset-backed blockchain project. He comes from banking and began working in Fintech with his move to Singapore in 2015. Till 2020 he was the Director of Strategy and Ventures at a Venture-Builder focused on Core Banking Technology where he set up and managed new ventures in Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, and the UK.

Vince Chew

Chief Operations Officer

Vince is the COO of Cycloan Pte Ltd where he is responsible for developing and delivering digital lending business, high quality client service, and driving profitable growth through win-win ecosystem. He is an experienced Fintech veteran with over 25 years of tech experience in IT operations, enterprise application development and technology leadership. For more than a decade, Vince has played an active leadership role in Fintech businesses.

Keith Lim

Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Hearti Lab

Keith Lim is a Founder and CEO of two technology companies and a Venture Capitalist and MNC corporate leader. Keith started his career with banks and consulting companies. His last corporate role was with Moody’s Analytics as Managing Director for Asia Pacific.

In 2012, Keith co-founded Mezzofy which was a fast growing mobile payment platform in Asia with strategic partnerships with Alipay China and Bank Mandiri Indonesia. Thereafter, Keith founded Hearti Lab, an Artificial Intelligent and Blockchain platform for insurance companies. Keith is also a partner with TGV 4, a technology VC fund that invests in blockchain companies globally.

Alok Rajiv

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Alok is the technical co-founder to Trames, part of the 500 startups Global Launch SF Batch 2, a supply chain orchestration technology company that focuses on creating a streamlined and unified platform for shippers and their logistics partners to collaborate digitally.

Customer Stories

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“Partnering with Alibaba Cloud allows us to start small and scale up as our Sino-China business grows. Of all the cloud platform providers, we feel that Alibaba Cloud is the easiest one to work with. This is especially important for us when our business landscape is constantly evolving.” - Vince Chew, COO of Cycloan

"Alibaba Cloud offered a comprehensive solution that kept INFT's platform up and running with minimal downtime. INFT was also able to keep its business data secure by taking advantage of Alibaba Cloud's holistic set of security products." - Eldwin Wong, Founder & CEO IN Financial Technologies

"Instantaneous communication and notifications are critical to our clients who are spread out globally. The SMS and Direct Mail products are an essential add-on from Alibaba Cloud to keep the flow of communication alive, and also to upsell and cross-sell other services. As a broking service, network availability, performance, and protection from cyberattacks are critical to our peace of mind. Alibaba Cloud is the right partner as it has provided security to us at every level." - Kelvin Liu, VP of Engineering at UP Fintech

"Alibaba Cloud’s strong support, coupled with its open, yet resilient infrastructure is a great fit for our technology teams, enabling our business to realize our growth potential in new and emerging markets. As such, a partner like Alibaba Cloud is more than just a technology vendor to us, they are a strategic business enabler who is supporting our growth in many ways." - Alok Rajiv, Chief Technology Officer, Trames

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