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Help enterprises build high-quality, stable mobile apps

Derived from the Best Practices of Alipay Mobile Apps

mPaaS helps enterprises quickly build stable and high-quality mobile apps with lowered technical barriers to entry, reduced R&D costs, and improved development efficiency.

The mPaaS development framework can automatically generate initialization code and provide the modular development mode for collaborative development.

High Stability

Each business module is containerized to minimize performance problems, such as white screen errors and loading failures.

Optimized Performance

All mPaaS components apply to scenarios that require high concurrency and traffic. mPaaS is an optimal solution that is compatible with complex clients. It helps apps run in weak network conditions and keeps processes alive.

Futuristic Technologies

Futuristic technologies based on Alipay are developed on mPaaS. For example, hotfixes help you fix errors in native code without releasing new versions of apps.

Message Push

Integrated with multiple cell phones, mPaaS allows you to customize message delivery settings, interact with app users, and obtain higher retention rates.

Security Armor

mPaaS provides stable, convenient, and effective security solutions for mobile applications to prevent reverse engineering.


Dynamic Mobile App Updates and Releases




Activate mPaaS

Use an Alibaba Cloud account to activate mPaaS.


Create Apps

Log on to the mPaaS console to create an app.


Configure Files

Specify the required parameters, upload the signed APK, download the code, and add the configuration file to the project.


Select Baseline

We recommend starting with mPaaS V10.1.68 to ensure more features and lower migration costs.


Add Components

Add the required components to the project.

Start Deploying Your Apps on mPaaS

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