Smart Access Gateway

SmartAG provides an end-to-end cloud deployment solution for connecting hardware and software to Alibaba Cloud.

Smart Access Gateway (SmartAG) provides an end-to-end cloud deployment solution. This allows enterprises to connect to the nearest VPC through encrypted connections, and enables intelligent, reliable, and secure business system deployment on the cloud.


Smart Connections
SmartAG is a highly automated and out-of-the-box service. It automatically converges the network to adapt to topology changes.
Users can connect to the VPC that is nearest to their region. Device and link failover ensures that your on-premises business systems can establish reliable connections to the cloud.
The on-premises systems are connected to VPCs through encrypted connections. Data is encrypted for secure transmission over the Internet.
Centralized Management
Allows you to centrally configure and manage all hardware that is connected to SmartAG.


  • Security Encryption

    Data Encryption

    Internet Key Exchange (IKE) and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) are used to encrypt data.

    Protection Against Replay Attacks

    Authenticates data sources to prevent replay attacks.


    Provides multiple methods to authenticate data.

  • Multiple Access Modes

    Broadband Internet Access

    You can use your broadband Internet services to connect to Alibaba Cloud.

    4G Network Access

    You can use 4G networks to connect to Alibaba Cloud in areas that do not provide broadband or Wi-Fi services.

  • High Reliability

    Gateway Failover

    Active and standby gateways are deployed to support failover.

    Link Failover

    Each gateway provides two encrypted links to achieve the optimal link selection and real-time link failover.

  • Centralized Configuration and Network Monitoring Console

    Centralized O&M and Monitoring Views

    Hardware connected to SmartAG is centrally managed and configured in the same way as other cloud resources in the console. 


  • Connections between on-premises branch systems and VPCs
Branch System to VPC Connections

Branch System to VPC Connections

High-quality hybrid clouds can be built easily.

On-premises branch facilities, such as data centers, institutions, and stores, are connected to VPCs through SmartAG, and use resources in the cloud for auto scaling.


  • Simple Configuration

    You can use SmartAG to build a secure, high-quality, and highly available hybrid cloud within one day through simple configuration in the console.

  • Compatibility with Multiple Branch Networks

    SmartAG provides centralized management in the cloud, and automatically detects topology changes on all nodes and then distributes routes.

  • One Connection Access to Any VPC

    You can access an Alibaba Cloud VPC that is located in any region.

Connections between on-premises branch systems and VPCs

Connections between on-premises branch systems and VPCs

On-premises branch systems are seamlessly connected to Alibaba Cloud, with your cloud services deployed in multiple regions.

SmartAG allows you to deploy your business in multiple regions so that users can access the nearest node. Backend systems and VPCs are connected through SmartAG to achieve secure and stable data transmission.


  • Fast Connection

    Services are deployed in VPCs across regions. This allows users to access the nearest VPC.

  • Data Security

    Sensitive data is transmitted in VPCs to prevent data leakage.

  • Cross-region Disaster Recovery

    Services are deployed in multiple regions to achieve disaster recovery and backup across regions.