Live Video Broadcast Solution

Low latency and high concurrency solution for live video broadcasting platforms

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Live video broadcasting is the fastest growing service in the multimedia industry. Traditional broadcasting solutions involve transmission via satellite communications and the Internet. However, transcoding using physical transcoders is not only cumbersome but also full of challenges. This includes building a robust and cost effective live-streaming ecosystem with high network quality, low latency, and smooth transcoding of streamed data.

Solution Architecture

This solution enables the development of low-cost live video broadcasting platforms using the pushing stream, video broadcasting, and system management modules. The pushing stream module uses a Server Load Balancer with ECS architecture to construct a real-time video segmentation cluster for segmenting video streams pushed by clients, which are later stored in OSS. In the video broadcasting module, authenticated users request for live-streaming videos. To serve the request, a real-time video segment is converted to the HLS format and pushed to CDN. Finally, the system management module is responsible for system management, including user information management, device management, user verification, and other system management related services.


  • Customizable solution as per business needs
  • Provides smooth migration across geographies