Alibaba Cloud VMware Service

Alibaba Cloud VMware Service (ACVS) is an enterprise-grade VMware Cloud™️ service jointly developed by Alibaba Cloud and VMware. Alibaba Cloud provides sales, operations, and after-sales support.

Automated Creation of a Dedicated VMware Environment

ACVS automatically creates dedicated VMware environments (also known as PrivateCloud instances) based on the VMware Cloud™️ software on dedicated physical servers. ACVS provides powerful features (such as vSphere, NSX, and vSAN). As a cloud service, ACVS features out-of-the-box, agile, and elastic capabilities. You can scale out an instance by adding hosts to it or creating new clusters to meet the needs of business growth.

After PrivateCloud instances are created, you can use the vCenter and NSX Manager management components to configure and manage them. For example, you can deploy VMs with custom specifications, create network segments, configure firewall rules, and connect to on-premises VMware environments by using L2VPN.


VMware vSphere runs on dedicated physical servers of ACVS and fully supports vSphere vMotion, vSphere DRS, vSphere High Availability (HA), and other features. The Cross vCenter Server vMotion (XVM) feature can freely migrate VMware VMs on and off the cloud. vSphere provides an experience similar to on-premises VMware environments.


VMware NSX is the network hub of ACVS. It provides features (such as network segments, L2VPN, east-west distributed firewalls, and north-south edge firewalls). It supports more agile customization of business-oriented networks. It is a prerequisite for freely migrating VMware VMs on and off the cloud and provides security protection capabilities at the network border.


VMware vSAN establishes distributed, intra-cluster shared, highly reliable, and high-performance storage resource pools on the local all-flash storage of the dedicated physical servers of ACVS. It is an enterprise-grade storage solution.

Service Architecture

Architecture Introduction

ACVS runs on dedicated physical servers deployed within the extended areas of Alibaba Cloud data centers. It adopts a dedicated network architecture to achieve network isolation between dedicated VMware environments (PrivateCloud instances) of different users. ACVS is an out-of-box service. Once a PrivateCloud instance is created, it can communicate with virtual private clouds (VPCs) and various Alibaba Cloud services.

Architecture Characteristics

  • Dedicated Physical Servers Officially Certified by VMware

    The servers are officially certified by VMware. You can enjoy exclusive resources without resource contention. ACVS supports downtime migration. Host specifications and configurations are similar to your on-premises VMware environments. This helps meet your usage habits and control costs.

  • Network Access to VPCs and Other Cloud Services

    Your dedicated VMware environments (PrivateCloud instances) can access various Alibaba Cloud services using VPCs.

  • A True Hybrid Cloud That Connects ACVS with on-Premises VMware Environments over a Layer 2 Network

    After ACVS is interconnected with an on-premises VMware environment, the VMware NSX L2VPN feature can build a Layer 2 network, enabling you to freely migrate and expand VMware workloads on and off the cloud. This way, a true hybrid cloud with the same network and structure is implemented.


Consistent Experience

Management components (such as vCenter and NSX Manager) are optimized for cloud environments to help manage and configure ACVS. You can enjoy a consistent O&M experience across cloud and on-premises VMware environments. It is easy for you to learn and use ACVS.

Seamless Integration

ACVS is seamlessly integrated with the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) and VPC services, making it easy for workloads to access cloud-native services.

Quick Migration

ACVS can establish a Layer 2 network with on-premises VMware environments. You can migrate your VMware virtual machines (VMs) between the cloud and on-premises environments without modifying IP addresses.

Stable and Reliable

With the help of the powerful infrastructure O&M capabilities of Alibaba Cloud, ACVS provides a stable and reliable VMware running environment on the cloud and supports downtime migration.

Use Scenarios

Migrate or Expand On-Premises VMware-Based Data Centers to Alibaba Cloud

You can make full use of the elastic and flexible features of ACVS to expand or migrate your on-premises data centers to Alibaba Cloud in the nearest regions to handle massive resource requirements brought by rapid business growth quickly and agilely.

Solution Benefits

  • Reduced Investment

    Expanding or completely migrating on-premises VMware-based data centers to ACVS will help reduce the investment in self-owned sites, hardware equipment, and additional expenses caused by long hardware procurement cycles.

  • Flexible and Scalable

    ACVS can be deployed elastically and flexibly without estimating capacity. You can expand ACVS as needed to cope with business peaks.

  • Widespread Availability Zones

    ACVS is currently accessible in first-tier major cities. You can quickly deploy corresponding workloads in regions near your business locations.

Alibaba Cloud is used as a disaster recovery site for on-premises VMware-based data centers

ACVS helps reduce asset investment. It supports unified scheduling of backup and recovery on and off the cloud, and seamless network egress switching. ACVS is an ideal choice for cloud-based disaster recovery of on-premises VMware environments.

Solution Benefits

  • Cost-effective

    You can use ACVS as the geo-disaster recovery site of your on-premises VMware data centers to save the investment in a disaster recovery center and reduce disaster recovery expenses.

  • Free Choice

    You can use the disaster recovery products and components from VMware, Alibaba Cloud, or third parties to orchestrate and schedule disaster recovery policies on ACVS based on your business requirements.

  • Seamless Switching

    VMware NSX is used to switch the network egress of the primary and secondary sites. After the disaster recovery environment on the cloud is started, workloads continue to provide services.

Alibaba Cloud is an ideal platform for running both on-premises and cloud-native applications.

Without application reconfigurations, you can smoothly migrate your local existing applications to ACVS while developing powerful next-generation application services based on the cloud-native architecture.

Solution Benefits

  • Smooth Migration

    After existing applications in on-premises VMware environments are migrated to ACVS, they run on the same VMware infrastructure without the need for application reconfigurations, thereby maintaining business stability. Applications can be freely migrated between on-premises VMware environments and cloud VMware environments.

  • Cloud-based Innovation

    Driven by business, you can make full use of cloud-native services to develop next-generation application systems, quickly build new business applications such as data mid-end, business mid-end, and global marketing, and implement fast iterative innovation.

  • Interconnection

    ACVS is seamlessly integrated and interconnected with Alibaba Cloud services. Existing applications running in VMware environments and cloud-native innovative applications can be called by and integrated with each other, giving full play to the unique advantages of hybrid application architectures.

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