Hybrid Cloud Storage

A cost-effective, efficient and easy-to-manage hybrid cloud storage solution.

Hybrid Cloud Storage is an enterprise-level storage array that integrates with the Alibaba Cloud storage gateway. You can use and manage cloud storage resources (blocks, files, and objects) just as you would with local storage. Cloud Cache, Cloud Sync, Cloud Tiering, and Cloud Backup all make local storage migrate to the cloud seamlessly. HCSA services provide a cost-effective, efficient and easy-to-manage hybrid cloud storage solution.


Easy to Deploy
The devices are deployed using standard racks and have no requirements for the data center deployment.
Smart Scalability
The devices support modular customization allowing seamless migration and unlimited storage space on Alibaba Cloud.
The devices support dual-controller and active-active clusters. The cloud distributed storage provides 99.9% reliability and 99.9% availability.
Data Protection
The storage system boasts point-to-point data encryption and operation logs of the devices and the services.


  • Flexible Deployment With High Storage Protocol Compatibility

    Flexible Deployment

    Standard 2U and 3U rack deployment. Dual power sources are required for dual controller mode.

    Multiple Protocols

    Cinder/Swift, iSCSI, FC/FCoE, CIFS/NFS, FTP and other standard protocols.

  • High Local Performance and Cloud Gateway Capabilities


    HCSA devices provide a maximum of 450,000 IOPS, and input/output capability up to11 GB/s.


    HCSA provides protocol conversion, cloud cache, cloud data tiering, and cloud backup. HCSA also provides data processing tools including anti-duplication and compression. Additionally, synchronous and asynchronous data transmission modes are available.

  • Reliable Data Integrity

    Dual-control and Active-active Modes

    HCSA supports dual-control power source, active-active, and active-passive modes. In the case that data center or hardware malfunction occurs, your data integrity is still maintained.

    Data Encryption

    The devices support the AES-256 encryption algorithm.


    MD5 checksum is automatically supported and compatible with all devices.


    Cloud data is 99.9% reliable and accessible.

  • Diverse Application Scenarios

How it works

  • An Extension to Local Storage
  • Backup Data to the Cloud
An Extension to Local Storage

An Extension to Local Storage

Seamlessly migrate to the cloud

You do not need to update existing architecture or modify code. Use HCSA as traditional storage arrays, with simple configurations. The low-cost storage space allows for unlimited scalability of cloud resources.

  • Low Costs

    Using existing devices and cloud end Object Storage Service (OSS) price advantages to build a storage space that can be easily expandable.

  • Excellent Experience

    The same read/write experience as that of local disks, without being adversely affected by the network connectivity. Data is automatically distributed between the cloud and the local devices.

  • Low Requirements

    Compatible with local storage service protocols, Hybrid Cloud Storage Array (HCSA) can be used immediately after simple configurations without changing any application code.

Backup Data to the Cloud

Backup Data to the Cloud

High-performance off-site disaster recovery solutions

HCSA builds an off-site disaster recovery solution based on a worldwide network of IDCs of Alibaba Cloud.

  • Low Costs

    No need to invest in an off-site physical backup data centers.

  • Cost-effective

    Full OSS data lifecycle management is available. You can switch between OSS-Standard, OSS-IA, and OSS-Archive freely.

  • Easy to Expand

    Using ECS and cloud-based NAS, HCSA allows you to have a disaster recovery system on the cloud quickly.

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