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Last Updated:Jan 29, 2024



One-time Set-up Fee

Standard unit price (USD/Per Transaction)

Resources Plan

Main Functions

RealID Financial 

US$ 20,000.00

US$ 1.60

Purchase the Resource Plan

All functions of RealID Standard Edition, and support Real-time Identity Fraud Detection which including ID Network (Risk detection associated with multiple records) and blacklist.

RealID Standard

US$ 20,000.00

US$ 1.20

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RealID is ZOLOZ's end-to-end eKYC production including ID recognition and verification, liveness detection, selfie comparison with ID photo.

ID Recognition

US$ 15,000.00

US$ 1.00

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Use OCR technology, identify the authenticity of the card, extract key information.


US$ 6,000.00

US$ 0.20

Purchase the Resource Plan

Collect and compare the photos collected by the living body with the cloud database to find the consistency.

Face Capture

US$ 4,000.00

US$ 0.16

Purchase the Resource Plan

Capture a selfie and perform liveness check through multiple configurable challenge mechanisms.

Face Compare

US$ 2,000.00

US$ 0.026

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Compare whether two faces belong to the same person.


US$ 15,000.00

US$ 0.80

Purchase the Resource Plan

A convenient way for verifying and getting ID card information through NFC (only supported in conjunction with RealID or ID Recognition).


US$ 20,000.00

In planning

In planning

EagleEye comprehensively determines and generates threat detection results based on dynamic adaptation, T+0 policy update mechanism, and threat models abstracted from billions of devices.


US$ 20,000.00

In planning

In planning

EagleFaceID adopts technologies such as injection attack detection and malicious read-only memory (ROM) detection to provide end-to-end security services for facial recognition, including terminal systems, environments, applications, and transmission. It can identify Black Market behavior such as injection attacks and camera hijacking, ensuring the security of the entire facial recognition chain.

Statement of Travel Records

US$ 15,000.00

In planning

In planning

Statement of Travel Records identifies electronic PDF documents for Chinese citizens' travel entry and exit records. It supports document information extraction and electronic signature vertification.

ID Network

US$ 10,000.00

In planning

In planning

Uncover hidden relationships between fraudulent identities based on billions of history records by leveraging leading biometrics models and advanced graph computing technologies.

CN Authority

US$ 5,000.00

US$ 0.70

In planning

Strengthen the assurance level of identity verification by checking against with China Authority Data source based on Name, ID number, and Biometrics photo.




Service Scope

Premium Support 

US$ 15,000.00/year

See in the ZOLOZ Real ID Addendum to The Alibaba Cloud International Website Product Terms of Service

Regulation Support

US$ 60,000.00 (one-time)

  1. Company will provide relevant materials to assist Customer for its approval application with Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), and such materials may include the following:


  • Manual review user guide of ZOLOZ Solution

  • High-level introduction of ZOLOZ Solution

  • Detailed model logic explanation (white paper) of ZOLOZ Solution

  • SOC 2 Type 2 audit report



  • ISO27001

  • ISO27701

  • iBeta Level 2

  • SOC2

2. Company will provide one (1) online technical training for not more than two (2) hours in connection with integration of Solution with Customer System.

3. Company will provide one (1) online Solution training for not more than two (2) hours with respect to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (BDAI) technologies for independent assessor or Customer’s internal risk team.

4. Company will provide one (1) online operation training for not more than two (2) hours for Customer’s eKYC manual review team.

5. Company will provide reasonable assistance to respond to Customer’s reasonably necessary inquiries regarding Solution or evidence requests regarding TPRA (“Customer’s Inquiries”), provided that Customer’s Inquiries are (i) specific and directly relevant to Solutions, (ii) not covered in the SOC2 report or other materials provided by Company, and (iii) the number of Customer’s Inquiries is limited to fifty (50). If any additional assistance is required from Company, Company will charge and Customer shall pay USD1,500 for every ten (10) Customer’s Inquiries.

6. Upon Customer’s request, Company will participate in weekly meetings for not more than one (1) hour per week with Customer within one (1) month after the Solution go-live date.

7. Upon Customer’s request, Company will provide online training for not more than two (2) hours once a year for two (2) consecutive years after the Solution go-live date.