Data Transport

A secure solution to migrate TB-level or PB-level data to Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Data Transport is a PB-level, point-to-point, offline data migration service. You can use secure equipment to upload large amounts of data to Alibaba Cloud. Data Transport can help you resolve common problems associated with data migration to Alibaba Cloud. Common issues include expensive dedicated lines, lengthy transmission times, and potential security risks. Data Transport allows you to upload large amounts of data securely and efficiently all while reducing costs.


Fast and Efficient
Compared to traditional techniques of data transmission, either over the Internet or using a high-speed leased line, this solution improves efficiency by up to 20 times and reduces costs by up to 60%.
Secure and Reliable
The point-to-point device encryption ensures strong data security during data transfer.
Low Costs
Data Transport allows a large volume of data to be migrated offline in a single batch, significantly reducing logistics and network costs.
Easily Scalable
Each device supports data migration capabilities of 100 TB or 480 TB. By using multiple devices concurrently, Data Transport can quickly scale to migrate data at the PB level.


  • Easy to Deploy

    Supported Data Sources

    Data Transport supports local file systems, NAS, HDFS, and FastDFS.

    Deployment Modes

    Data Transport is deployed using specialized devices designed for data migration, standard racks, and power supplies. Multiple devices can be implemented at the same time to improve migration efficiency.

  • Efficient

    Data Compression

    Data Transport can reach a maximum data compression ratio of 30:1.

    Data Deduplication

    Data is automatically deduplicated and then automatically recovered during the migration process.

    Optimization for Small File Migration

    Small files are merged automatically to improve read and write efficiency.

  • Cost-effective

  • Secure and Reliable


    Device encryption allows you to manage passwords so that only you can decrypt the devices.


    You can perform RAM authorization allowing for the synchronization of data to a designated storage space on the cloud.

    Data Deletion

    Official data deletion instructions provided by Alibaba Cloud allows a user to erase data after the migration is complete so that third-parties will not obtain sensitive data.

How it works

  • Self-service Offline Data Migration
  • Serviced Offline Data Migration
Self-service Offline Data Migration

Self-service Offline Data Migration

A wide range of local data sources are supported, including local shared storage, local storage systems, local storage arrays, HDFS, and fastDFS.

Self-service offline data migration provides:

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Instead of leased lines and the Internet, this service adopts a logistics system offering next-day delivery.

  • Excellent Experience

    Both the remotely limited self-service and an on-site specialist service are available.

  • Low Requirements

    Supports both TB-level and PB-level data migration.

Serviced Offline Data Migration

Serviced Offline Data Migration

Migrating TB-level and PB-level data to Alibaba Cloud at low costs and with high efficiency.

Serviced offline data migration provides:

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Instead of leased lines and the Internet, this service uses traditional logistics systems offering next-day delivery to perform data migration.

  • Excellent Experience

    Includes both the remotely limited self-service and on-site specialist service.

  • Low requirements

    Supports TB-level and PB-level data migration.

Certification course: Unstructured Data Migration

This course introduces the basic concepts of unstructured data, Alibaba Cloud unstructured data migration tools and service, Alibaba Cloud unstructured data SDK and how to use OssImport tool for unstructured data migration.

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