New Features

Security Center - Provides Datasets and Supports Custom Watchlist

Dec 26 2023

Security Center
Content in a dataset can be referenced when you create a custom rule or playbook. Datasets can be configured in a more flexible manner.

Target customers: users who require more flexible reference and filtering to use detection rules, automated response rules, and filtering components of playbooks. Users can configure and maintain datasets to manage the following list and control filtering conditions of rules in a more flexible manner. For example, if a user configures a dataset named IP Address Whitelist, the user can reference the dataset in a blocking playbook to prevent the IP addresses that are included in the dataset from being blocked. Features released: Security Center allows users to configure a following list, which can be used in multiple modules, such as custom rules, automated response rules, and playbooks. Security Center allows users to configure blacklists, whitelists, and following lists.

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