Alibaba Cloud Databases

Fully managed and less trouble database services

Alibaba Cloud offers a set of fully managed, less trouble, and optimized database services that fully support open-source database engines.

Our database services automatically and continuously manage and monitor your database health and hardware securely. Whenever issues are detected on your database, Alibaba Cloud will locate it and fix it for you. You no longer need to worry about the issues and enjoy a great experience throughout the life of the database.

Alibaba Cloud offers fully managed database services. We monitor, backup, and recover your database automatically so that you can fully focus on your business development. To provide more stable and scalable database services, Alibaba Cloud optimized the source code based on the open-source database engines. Our database services, such as ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL and ApsaraDB RDS for PPAS have lower risk compare to the other services using the community edition.

Empowering 11-11 Global Shopping Festival

11-11 Global Shopping Festival is like Black Friday but is bigger than Black Friday. In 2019, the gross merchandise value (GMV) of 11-11 Global Shopping Festival hit over USD38.4 billion in sales. Alibaba Cloud database services empowered Alibaba Cloud 11-11 shopping festival by providing the high scalable, stable, and reliable database services, especially during the unpredictable traffic spikes, without incident. Explore more >

87 Million

database requests per second


increase on requests over 2018


orders processing per second

Why Alibaba Cloud Databases

Stable and Reliable

Alibaba Cloud database services offer you data backup, recovery, monitoring, migration, and disaster recovery solutions to make sure your database steady and available.

Database instances running on Alibaba Cloud Database


Public Cloud offering enterprise version of MariaDB TX

Support 90% Mainstream Database Engines

Alibaba Cloud database services provide maintenance of more than 90% of the mainstream open source and commercial databases such as MongoDB, PPAS, MySQL, SQL Server, and Redis.

Advanced security

Advanced Security

Alibaba Cloud database services not only pre-protect your database instances but also automatically encrypt your business data to prevent attacks on the cloud.


Scale Up Read Capacity On-Demand

Scale Up Read Capacity On-Demand

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL enables customers to scale up read capacity on-demand with read/write split without affecting the writes, especially for large scale online shopping events and promotions.

Support Database Engines for Different Application Needs

Support Database Engines for Different Application Needs

ApsaraDB for MongoDB efficiently stores and processes a large number of documents and logs, big data real-time queries, or popular NoSQL applications.

Commercial-Grade Audit and Recovery

Commercial-Grade Audit and Recovery

ApsaraDB RDS monitors and records all database modifications, such as ADD, DELETE, and MODIFY operations.

Intelligent Analysis and Optimization Report

Intelligent Analysis and Optimization Report

ApsaraDB for MongoDB simplifies common DBA tasks, quickly optimize the database, and improve business efficiency.

Database Services

Relational Database Service

MariaDB TX
SQL Server

Non-relational database (NoSQL)


Hybrid analytical databases, database tools, and more

Database Backup
AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL
AnalyticDB for MySQL

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL

An on-demand database hosting service for MySQL with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Best for E-commerce, finance, gaming, and big data computing scenarios.

From $7.70/Month


Optimized database services
Optimized to be more stable and to handle large amounts of concurrent queries.
- Saves up to 90% of the database operations and maintenance costs.
- Automatic database managing, monitoring, backup and disaster recovery.
High Security Protection
Supports database pre-protection, threat detection, and event auditing.

ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX

The first enterprise edition of MariaDB in the Cloud industry with highly enhanced the database stability.

It uses multiple storage engines, including MySQL InnoDB, to meet different user requirements.

From $61.80/Month


Enterprise Database Features
Supports enterprise-class features, including the Window functions, online data tracking and restoration, and online column addition.
Data Protection for Enterprise
- You can choose InnoDB or MyRocks storage engines based your business needs.
- When the active instance is unavailable, the database connection is automatically switched to the standby instance.
Multiple Storage Engines
You can choose InnoDB or MyRocks storage engines based your business needs.

ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server

An on-demand database hosting service for SQL Server with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Best for E-commerce, web application, and healthcare applications.

From $51.60/Month


Fully Managed
- Automatically and continuously monitors and manages your database services.
- Reduce up to 60% of your maintenance workload.
Data Recovery in Seconds
Backups your data at any time, and recover data recovery in seconds.
High Cost-efficiency
Authorized by the SQL Server Enterprise Edition license. You do not need to pay additional copyright fees.

ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL

An on-demand database hosting service for PostgreSQL with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Best for standard enterprise-level PostgreSQL solution, unlimited storage expansion, and boosts IoT development with GIS and JSON.

From $13.50/Month


Cost-Effective Storage
Effectively shortens the data writing time to Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service and cut the cost of the storage cost by over 50%.
Productivity for Developers and Database Administrators
- You can use SQL to perform operations on JSON and GIS data directly.
- Saves the trouble of data imports and significantly increases the development efficiency.
Efficient Querying
Provides a cost-based SQL query optimizer that shows significantly better performance in multi-table queries than MySQL.

ApsaraDB RDS for PPAS

Provides easy-to-use tools to reduce costs of migration and usage.

The service enables easy data migration and supports Oracle PL/SQL, data types, advanced functions, and table partitioning.

From $89.50/Month


Automatic Deployment
- The deployment can be processed in five minutes.
- The process is fully automated to avoid human errors.
Downtime-free Migration solution
Migrates your service from the on-premise Oracle to ApsaraDB for PPAS in the shortest downtime.
High Performance
The performance for table partitioning is 50 times higher than that of native PostgreSQL.

ApsaraDB for POLARDB

A cloud-native relational database compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. POLARDB provides the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases and the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of open source databases.

From $88.00/Month


Large storage capacity
POLARDB supports up to 100 TB of data. You can scale out an instance up to 16 nodes and each node supports up to 88 vCPUs.
Top performance and quick response to a sudden load
POLARDB decouples compute and storage resources, giving it 6 times faster than standard MySQL databases in high concurrency scenarios.
High stability and data security
POLARDB uses the ‘one primary node, multiple replicas’ architecture, in which all read/write and read-only nodes of the same instance access the same replica, greatly reducing storage costs.

ApsaraDB for Redis

A key value database service that offers in-memory caching and high-speed access to applications hosted on the cloud.

Automated and scalable tool for developers to manage data storage shared across multiple processes, applications or servers. Best for high-speed data read & write requirements.

From $6.86/Month


High Performance
- Data is stored in memory, it reads and writes data less than milliseconds.
- Persistent data storage by using memory and hard disk storage mode.
- Master-slave dual node backup without service downtime
- Scale storage capacity in real time.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB

A document-oriented database service. Best for huge quantities of data storage.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB’s highly available service includes automatic monitoring, backup, and disaster tolerance capabilities.

From $30.70/Month


Automatic backup on a daily basis
- Restore data to any checkpoint in the last seven days.
- Minimizes data loss caused by misconfiguration.
Flexible Data Transmission and Processing
Data transmission between on-premise databases and cloud databases
Fully Management
Automatic data monitoring, backup, and disaster tolerance.

ApsaraDB for Memcache

A managed memory based caching service, which supports high-speed access to queries and data.

By giving your applications quick access to data and significantly reducing latency, ApsaraDB for Memcache allows you to easily get your applications up and running.

From $13.73/Month


Cost effective with no upfront cost or long-term commitment.
High Performance
Provides faster data response as cache data is stored in-memory.
- Easy provisioning through the Alibaba Cloud Management Console for memcached hosting.
- Easy to change configurations without any service interruptions.

Data Transmission Service

A migration tool to migrate your data to Alibaba Cloud.

The service supports homogeneous migrations as well as heterogeneous migration between different data storage types.

From $62.00/Month


Zero Downtime
Migrates data with virtually no downtime.
Real-Time Data Synchronization
Real-time data synchronization from one RDS database to another RDS database
High Reliable
Continually monitors the source and target databases, when the connection changes.

Database Backup

A reliable, cost-efficient backup service for continuous data protection.

The service offers strong protection for data stored in multiple environments, such as enterprise data centers, hybrid clouds, public clouds, and third-party cloud vendors.

From $5.00/Month


Real-time Incremental Backup
Performs incremental backups in real time and lowers RPOs to several seconds.
Offers a Pay-As-You-Go billing method. Users can achieve disaster recovery quickly and avoid big investments in infrastructure.
Support for Multiple Environments
Supports backing up databases deployed in ECS instances, on-premise data centers, and third-party cloud environments.


AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

Provides an online expansion and performance monitoring service to free your team from complicated MPP cluster operations and management (O&M).

This enables database administrators, developers and data analysts to focus on upgrading enterprise productivity through SQL development.

From $0.44/Hour


Superior Performance
- Column stores are 100 times faster than OLAP analytics between row stores.
- High-performance parallel data imports into Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service.
Hybrid Analytics
Supports real-time analytics on GIS data in SQL syntax.
Database administrators, developers and data analysts only need to focus on upgrading enterprise productivity through SQL development.

Distribute Relational Database Service (DRDS)

Mitigate the scalability problem of single machine relational databases for large-scale online databases.

DRDS focuses on expanding standalone relational databases, and has been tested by core transaction links in Tmall, such as during the Singles’ Day Shopping Festival.

From $330.00/Month


- Distributes your data reading, writing, and storage in clusters.
- Allows for unlimited connections to your services.
DRDS specifications can be flexibly upgraded and downgraded.
- The account management system in DRDS runs in a similar way to an account system on a single MySQL server.
- The API supports authentication and authorization to guarantee security for your business systems.

Time Series Database (TSDB)

Offers high-speed data reading and writing and high compression ratios for cost-efficient data storage.

Widely applied to systems in IoT monitoring systems, enterprise energy management systems (EMSs), production security monitoring systems, and power supply monitoring systems.


High Performance
Optimizes database architectures and algorithms. TSDB can read or write millions of data points within seconds.
Reduces the size of each data point to 2 bytes, saving more than 90% in storage costs.
Distributed Architecture
DRDS operates on multiple standalone servers, and performance is not affected by the number of user connections.

AnalyticDB for MySQL

An online real-time data warehousing service with high concurrency and low latency.

This service is suitable for building enterprise-grade online data warehouses and applications.

From $1.60/Hour


High Performance
Support correlate and analyze trillions of records from multiple tables.
Support MPP and DAG distributed execution engines.
Separate storage from compute and uses intelligent row-column store to implement speedy retrieval.
Scale up from GBs to 100 PBs of data storage, scale out from 3 to 2,000 compute nodes, and features hybrid load.
Enterprise-grade Features
Support backup, restoration, and recycle bin features.
Support audit, whitelist, user-created account, and VPC features.

How It Works

  • China Gateway
  • E-commerce
  • Core Trading System
  • Mobile Application
  • Gaming
  • Data Migration
China Gateway
China Gateway


  • If you want to develop your business in China, you have to deal with data synchronization between different locations. Long physical distances and inadequate cross-border network capabilities may lead to severe data access latency and lousy user experience.

    So how do we ensure low latency synchronization of merchandise data and transaction data between different countries required by your business?

Our Solution

  • Alibaba Cloud Data Transmission Service (DTS) supports ultra-low latency data synchronization of databases between nodes in different locations to ensure high business availability.

    According to our test data, it allows for up to 3884TPS and 15500QPS transfer between the US West (Silicon Valley) and China East (Hangzhou) nodes with an average network latency of only 175ms.

    Ultra-fast data transfer helps users save on wait time and boosts your business' development in China, making distance an issue of the past.


  • With rapid business growth, the requests for data read and write requests will increase at least ten times. This is a big challenge for database performance. If database capabilities are not upgraded, serious issues may affect your business, for example, a server may breakdown due to access overloads.

Our Solution

  • To tackle this challenge, Alibaba Cloud supports read-only instances for better database performance and mitigating your business pressure. The free Automatic Read/Write Splitting technology that splits SQL requests and manages load balancing automatically.

    This automation eliminates the need to modify or decipher read/write layers and eliminates high cost and latency issues. No extra fee for Automatic Read/Write Splitting function if you have read-only instances, thus helping your business developing fast.

Related Products

Core Trading System
Core Trading System

Our Solution

  • Alibaba Cloud 2017 Enterprise Edition AlwaysOn Version supports scaling cache size and performance to accommodate your business requirements of handling large amounts of concurrent requests during promotions and flash sales.

    It supports multisite clustering across subnets, which enables failover of SQL Server instances across data centers, but this requires replication of the data between the shared storage in each of the data centers.


  • Horizontally scalable read capability
    You can add read-only instances to linearly increase the cluster's read capability.

    Flexibly controllable costs
    You can create read-only instances of common specifications, which are cost-effective options.

    Achievable zero Recovery Point Object (RPO)
    Flexible increase read capability by adding read-only instances.

Related Products

Mobile Application
Mobile Application

Our Solution

  • A read-write splitting architecture is used to support the product preview module, automatically redirect product preview requests to read-only instances, and reduce the workload of the primary database.

    Redis message queue is used to manage orders, enabling the order processing module to asynchronously import order information to the underlying databases. This greatly improves the user experience and the efficiency of placing orders.


  • ApsaraDB for Redis can be used to cache frequently accessed player data in real time. This reduces the workload of the underlying databases and improves the overall service performance and capability of handling large amounts of concurrent requests.

Related Products


Our Solution

  • Game data is stored in MongoDB's sharding form, which enables fast scale up and scales down based on players demand. We can also collect and store meaningful data and directly imported data into the Alibaba Cloud analysis platform to analyze player data and generate insights.


  • Automatic backup on a daily basis
    - Restore data to any checkpoint in the last seven days.
    - Minimizes data loss caused by misconfiguration.

    Flexible Data Transmission and Processing
    Data transmission between on-premise databases and cloud databases.

    Fully Management
    Automatic data monitoring, backup, and disaster tolerance.
Data Migration
Data Migration

Our Solution

  • Alibaba Cloud provides the streamlined data migration, data synchronization, and data subscription with Data Transmission Service (DTS). It is applicable for databases running through Alibaba Cloud. DTS takes care of most widely used commercial and open-sourced databases, including RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) and NoSQL.


  • - A secure, scalable, and highly-available data architecture.
    - Applicable scenarios including 0 downtime data migration, off-site disaster recovery, cross-region data synchronization, and cache update.
    - Takes over the complex and heavy work of data transaction. You can foucs on developing business.
    - 99.5% connection stability, and a 99.999% data reliability.

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      Leading the Value Through Innovation

      Alibaba Cloud Receives MySQL Corporate Contributor Award

      Previous award winners include Github, Facebook, and Oracle to name just a few. Alibaba Cloud is the first Chinese company to win the award. This award is presented as an appreciation for the outstanding contributions made by Alibaba Cloud to the MySQL community. It is worth mentioning that Alibaba Cloud's open source AliSQL has been officially adopted by MySQL and is being utilized by more and more developers.

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      Alibaba Cloud was invited to attend the top database conference ICDE

      In April 2018, Alibaba Cloud was invited to attend ICDE (one of the three largest global database conferences). While there, the organizers arranged a special session for Alibaba Cloud representatives to make a speech for industry experts from around the world. The Alibaba Cloud representative publicly proposed the Cloud Native database concept and made some predictions as far as ApsaraDB's future development.

      Alibaba cloud and Intel: Leading Cloud Service Innovation Technology

      ApsaraDB will be providing POLARDB database services soon, which use Intel® cores and provide over 6 times the performance of other databases of the same price.
      The revolutionary Intel Optane™ technology helps eliminate data center storage bottlenecks and enables data centers to deploy bigger and more affordable datasets to gain new insights from large memory pools. It can accelerate applications, reduce transaction costs for latency-sensitive workloads, and improve overall data center TCO.

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