Community Blog Starter Guide | Build E-Commerce Web App Using MongoDB and Node.js in One Click

Starter Guide | Build E-Commerce Web App Using MongoDB and Node.js in One Click

This tutorial explains how to create an E-commerce web app with Node.js and MongoDB on Alibaba Cloud console.

This article focuses on one-click deployment through the Alibaba Cloud console. If you need to use scripting for automated deployment, you can refer to this article that uses Terraform.


This e-commerce application serves as a demonstration of an online store, built with the Node.js Express framework.

Billing Instructions

The expenses on e-commerce application mainly involve:

  1. Selected vCPU and memory specifications
  2. System disk type and capacity
  3. Public network bandwidth
  4. ApsaraDB for MongoDB specifications and storage space

Deployment Architecture


Parameter Description

Parameter Group Parameter item illustrate
Service Instance Service Instance Name The name can be up to 64 characters in length, and can contain digits, letters, hyphens (-), and underscores (_). The name must start with a letter.
Region The region where the service instance is deployed.
Instance Charge Type Charge type for the service instance.
ECS instance configuration Instance Type ECS instance type
Instance Password Server login password, Length 8-30, must contain three(Capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, ()`~!@#$%^&*_-+={}[]:;'<>,.?/ Special symbol in)
network configuration Availability Zone The availability zone where the ECS instance is located
VPC ID VPC where resources are located
VSwitch ID The availability zone of the VSwitch
MongoDB configuration Instance specifications The specifications of MongoDB instances that can be used in the availability zone
Storage Instance Storage
Password Length 8-30, must contain three items (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, () `~! @ # $%^&*-+= 124; {} []:; '<>/ Special symbols in)

Permissions Required

Deploying this service instance requires accessing and creating some Alibaba Cloud resources. Therefore, your account needs to include permissions for the following resources.

Note: You only need to add this permission when your account is a RAM account.

Permission policy name Remarks
AliyunECSFullAccess Permission to manage cloud server service (ECS)
AliyunVPCFullAccess Permission to manage private network (VPC)
AliyunROSFullAccess Permission to manage Resource Orchestration Service (ROS)
AliyunComputeNestUserFullAccess Manage user-side permissions for the ComputeNest service (ComputeNest)
AliyunMongoDBFullAccess Manage permissions for cloud database services (MongoDB)

Deployment Steps

1.  Visit Deployment Link and fill in the deployment parameters as prompted: Deployment link.


2.  After filling in the deployment link parameters, you can see the corresponding inquiry details. After confirming the parameters, click Next step: Confirm the order.


3.  After confirming the completion of the order, agree to the service agreement and click Create Now to enter the deployment phase.


4.  Wait for deployment to complete before entering service instance management.

E-commerce-application Usage Examples

1.  After the deployment is completed, enter the service instance management and click on the link behind MyStore to access the e-commerce application deployed by the server.


2.  Register a management account to manage products.


3.  Add products. This article takes adding the iPhone 13 product series as an example.


4.  Simulate user browsing, add to shopping cart and view orders.


Accessing the Application Backend MongoDB Database through MongoKu

1.  Find the MongoDB connection address on the console.


2.  Visit the MongoKu link, add the MongoDB connection URI as the server, and navigate and manage the data of this online store e-commerce web application through MongoKu.

Replace **** in the URI with the password you set yourself


Reference Documents


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