Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection

A security service that discovers, classifies, and protects sensitive data.

Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection (SDDP) automatically discovers sensitive data in a large amount of user-authorized data, and detects, records, and analyzes sensitive data consumption activities. SDDP detects security compliance violations and predicts risks to help you prevent data leakage and meet the General Data Protection Regulation requirements.


SDDP provides dynamic and visualized data asset presentation and queries. You can also retrieve sensitive data from a large amount of data.
SDDP is integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. It can analyze and process abnormal requests and sensitive data.
Cloud Native
SDDP fully leverages cloud-native advantages and integrates with cloud databases to provide integrated data protection and defense mechanisms.


Sensitive Data Identification

Based on built-in algorithms or user-defined models, SDDP precisely recognizes sensitive data and files by using artificial intelligence or arbitrary rules.

Data Exception Detection

SDDP uses big data analytics and recognition capabilities to intelligently detect and process abnormal requests targeting at sensitive data and files.

Static Data Masking

SDDP supports a wide range of masking algorithms and adaptive parameters. Masked data can be used in development, debugging, and analysis scenarios.


  • Data Leakage Detection and Protection
  • Data Masking and Sharing
Sensitive Data Identification and Labeling

Sensitive Data Identification and Labeling


You have stored a large amount of data and files in the cloud, but cannot determine whether the data and files contain sensitive information.

  • Solution

    You can use the built-in algorithms of SDDP or create custom rules to scan your databases and files. SDDP then helps you classify data and files for further protection, such as fine-grained access control and storage encryption.

Data Leakage Detection and Protection

Data Leakage Detection and Protection


How do I know where the cloud data and files come from, who has used them, and whether they have been compromised?

  • Solution

    SDDP uses an intelligent detection model to analyze requests sent by Alibaba Cloud accounts or external users to retrieve sensitive data. If a risk is detected, SDDP sends an alert to your data security team. This helps you improve risk prediction and prevention capabilities.

Data Masking and Sharing

Data Masking and Sharing


You have shared unmasked data with another person, which may compromise sensitive data.

  • Solution

    SDDP provides multiple built-in data masking algorithms and supports custom data masking algorithms. These algorithms can be used to mask data in production, development, and debugging environments. This ensures the fidelity and security of the data.

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