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Lifecycle Announcement for Apsara Stack Agility Standard Edition v3.1.x, v3.2.x, and v3.3.x

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Release Notes

Lifecycle Announcement for Apsara Stack Enterprise V3.8.X, V3.9.X, V3.10.X, and V3.11.X

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Release Notes

Lifecycle Announcement for Apsara Stack Enterprise V3.5.X, V3.6.X, and V3.7.X

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Release Notes

Lifecycle Announcement for Apsara Stack Enterprise V3.0.X, V3.1.X, and V3.3.0 to V3.3.4

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Apsara Stack provides a wide range of cloud services to meet your overall business requirements.

Apsara Stack is a stable, secure, open, and intelligent solution that provides industry customers, such as public service sectors, enterprises, and carriers, with a consistent cloud service experience and powerful cloud computing technologies. Apsara Stack combines leading technical capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region with comprehensive operational capabilities. You can use Apsara Stack to provide a full range of cloud services for yourself and for third parties.

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Apsara Stack Advantages

World-Leading Architecture

• Same architecture between Apsara Stack and Alibaba Cloud

• Leading market share - No.1 in China and APAC, and No.3 in the World

• Recognized as top hybrid cloud provider by Gartner, IDC, and Forrester in both north America and China

• Same user experience with Alibaba Cloud to improve customer satisfaction

Scalability and Stability

• Saves your CAPEX with less servers needed

• Supports up to 10,000+ servers in one single region

• Can be scaled in/out and up/down smoothly


• Provides standard-compatible development APIs to seamlessly interface with other systems

• Compatible with hardware from mainstream brands

Security & Stability

• Share the same stability gene of Alibaba Cloud with extensive best practices

• World leading security capability: A suite of security solutions from server,
application, data, network layers and more

• Provides a financial-grade disaster recovery solution and other customized disaster recovery modes together with world leading security capabilities


• Provides mature AI algorithms for intelligent resource scheduling and remote O&M to reduce OpEx and improve the efficiency

• Allows automatic deployment and integrates monitoring, management, and control capabilities for automated O&M

• AI (Artificial Intelligence) capability enabled by Apsara Stack

Typical Industry Use Scenarios

Faciltate IDC Operators and Telcos to launch a cloud computing business and turning the IT department from a cost center to a profit center by trying to monetize IT capacities on the cloud and offer profitable cloud services in and out of the organization.

Challenges during building and running private clouds:
• End-user experience
• Operation automation and efficiency
• Data privacy and information compliance
• Automation of billing and charging
• Multi cloud management etc.


  • • Supreme Elasticity with Full-Stack Capabilities
    • Operative Capabilities: Agile charging model, Bundle and price management and multiple tools to create campaigns
    • Security and Compliance
    • Multiple Cloud Management
    • Local Public Cloud


• The public information sharing and business collaboration is the core difficulty and kernel ​in country digital transformation journey.
• Pressures of scattered data, siloed systems, resources monopolizing, high pressure of operation and maintenance (O&M), hard to support new services, complicated network etc push the nation migrate tradition IT system and services to cloud and lunch different digital applications related but not limited to tourism, transportation, medical, public security, environment protection, etc.
• The data privacy and information compliance are mandatory in the government scenario and as a result one on premise cloud with full regulatory certifications and security capabilities is needed.


  • • Complete and customizable Alibaba Cloud software solutions can be offered to support series applications for the government digital transformation.
    • Data and service middle platform empowered by Apsara Stack allows data to break barriers between different departments and flow vertically to improve the data utilizing efficiency and accelerate service innovation.
    • World leading security and compliance capabilities offered by an stand-alone and on premise Apsara Stack environment to fulfil the regulation requirement of government.

Service Sales Modes


Achieve the elasticity you need and only pay for what you actually use. No upfront payments required.


More choices with traditional procurement methods.

Software License Renewal and Technical Support

• Service and support - Provide fast fault diagnosis and resolution
Expert technical support, quick response support, and full lifecycle support
• Tools and resources - Enrich service content by providing proactive services
Alibaba knowledge base, service health check, and Alibaba technical experts group
• Service innovations and updates - Keep pace with updates
Patches and patch sets, new version releases, and tools for software patching and updates

Services Scope

Alibaba Cloud provides fully managed service for the on-premise deployment of Apsara Stack.

Deployment and Delivery Service

Alibaba Cloud team provides on-site services below to help build a stable, reliable, and secure Alibaba Cloud system for all customers.
• IDC survey
• Solution design
• Software deployment
• Acceptance test according to the customer's actual needs.

Cloud Migration Service

Alibaba Cloud provides customers with below professional services based on customers' existing system conditions and project requirements.
• Cloud migration consultation
• Cloud migration implementation
• Cloud migration safeguard

O&M Service

Alibaba experts team provides subscription services(Basic O&M package, Value-added O&M package, On-site service) for the following aspects:
• Implement continuous backend technical support service for Apsara Stack.
• Provide the latest software updates.
• Help achieve iteration and evolution of software functions.

Security Services

To build a stable, reliable, secure, and compliant Apsara Stack platform, Alibaba Cloud Security provides a series of security products and services to safeguard availability, confidentiality, and integrity of customers' systems and data.

Training Service

The Alibaba Cloud University provides a variety of technical training courses which provide comprehensive introductions to Alibaba Cloud services, solutions, architecture, and products.

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Apsara Uni-manager User Guide

Apsara Stack Hybird Clould Application Center User Guide

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack

Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Apsara Stack
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Lifecycle Announcement for Apsara Stack Enterprise V3.8.X, V3.9.X, V3.10.X, and V3.11.X

Lifecycle Announcement for Apsara Stack Enterprise V3.5.X, V3.6.X, and V3.7.X

Lifecycle Announcement for Apsara Stack Enterprise V3.0.X, V3.1.X, and V3.3.0 to V3.3.4

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