The following tables list API operations available for use in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).


CreateVpcCreates a VPC.
DeleteVpcDeletes a VPC.
DescribeVpcsQueries VPCs.
ModifyVpcAttributeModifies the name and description of a VPC.
DescribeVpcAttributeQueries the detailed information about a VPC.
GrantInstanceToCenGrants permissions to a Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) instance.
RevokeInstanceFromCenRevokes the permissions on a network instance granted to a CEN instance.
DisableVpcClassicLinkDisables ClassicLink for a VPC.
EnableVpcClassicLinkEnables ClassicLink for a VPC.
DeletionProtectionEnables deletion protection for an instance.
AssociateVpcCidrBlockAdds a secondary CIDR block to a VPC.
UnassociateVpcCidrBlockDeletes a secondary CIDR block from a VPC.
DescribeGrantRulesToCenQueries the permissions that allow you to attach a network instance to a CEN instance that belongs to another Alibaba Cloud account. The network instance can be a VPC, a virtual border router (VBR), or a Cloud Connect Network (CCN) instance.
MoveResourceGroupMoves a resource to a different resource group.


DescribeVRoutersQueries vRouters in a region.
ModifyVRouterAttributeModifies the name and description of a vRouter.


CreateVSwitchCreates a vSwitch.
DeleteVSwitchDeletes a vSwitch.
DescribeVSwitchesQueries vSwitches.
ModifyVSwitchAttributeModifies the name and description of a vSwitch.
DescribeVSwitchAttributesQueries the configuration of a vSwitch.
CheckCanAllocateVpcPrivateIpAddressChecks whether a private IP address in a vSwitch is available.

Route table

CreateRouteEntryAdds a custom route to the route table of a vRouter or a VBR.
DeleteRouteEntryDeletes a custom route from a route table.
CreateRouteEntriesAdds custom routes to the route table of a vRouter.
DeleteRouteEntriesDeletes multiple custom routes at a time.
GetVpcRouteEntrySummaryQueries route types.
CreateRouteTableCreates a custom route table.
AssociateRouteTableAssociates a custom route table with a vSwitch in the same VPC.
DeleteRouteTableDeletes a custom route table.
DescribeRouteTableListQueries route tables.
DescribeRouteEntryListQueries route entries in a route table.
ModifyRouteEntryModifies the name of a custom route.
ModifyRouteTableAttributesModifies the name and description of a route table.
UnassociateRouteTableDisassociates a route table from a vSwitch.

Prefix list

CreateVpcPrefixListCreates a prefix list.
DeleteVpcPrefixListDeletes a prefix list.
ModifyVpcPrefixListModifies the configuration of a prefix list.
ListPrefixListsQueries prefix lists.
GetVpcPrefixListAssociationsQueries the resource associated with a prefix list.
GetVpcPrefixListEntriesQueries the information about a prefix list.
RetryVpcPrefixListAssociationUpdates prefix lists.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) options set

CreateDhcpOptionsSetCreates a DHCP options set.
AttachDhcpOptionsSetToVpcAssociates a DHCP options set with a VPC.
DetachDhcpOptionsSetFromVpcDisassociates a DHCP options set from a VPC.
ReplaceVpcDhcpOptionsSetReplaces the DHCP options set that is associated with a VPC.
GetDhcpOptionsSetQueries a DHCP options set.
ListDhcpOptionsSetsQueries DHCP options sets.
UpdateDhcpOptionsSetAttributeModifies the configuration of a DHCP options set.
DeleteDhcpOptionsSetDeletes a DHCP options set.

Flow log

CreateFlowLogCreates a flow log.
ModifyFlowLogAttributeModifies the name and description of a flow log.
DescribeFlowLogsQueries flow logs.
ActiveFlowLogEnables a flow log. After a flow log is enabled, traffic information about a resource is captured.
DeactiveFlowLogDisables a flow log. After a flow log is disabled, traffic information about a resource is no longer captured.
DeleteFlowLogDeletes a flow log.

Network access control list (ACL)

CreateNetworkAclCreates a network ACL.
AccosicateNetworkAclAssociates a network ACL with a vSwitch.
ModifyNetworkAclAttributesModifies the attributes of a network ACL.
DescribeNetworkAclsQueries network ACLs.
UpdateNetworkAclEntriesUpdates the rules of a network ACL.
DescribeNetworkAclAttributesQueries the detailed information about a network ACL.
UnassociateNetworkAclDisassociates a network ACL from a vSwitch.
CopyNetworkAclEntriesCopies the rules of a network ACL.
DeleteNetworkAclDeletes a network ACL.

High-availability virtual IP address (HAVIP)

CreateHaVipCreates an HAVIP.
DescribeHaVipsQueries HAVIPs in a region.
AssociateHaVipAssociates an HAVIP with an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance in a VPC.
UnassociateHaVipDisassociates an HAVIP from an ECS instance in a VPC.
ModifyHaVipAttributeModifies the name and description of an HAVIP.
DeleteHaVipDeletes an HAVIP.

Traffic mirroring

OpenTrafficMirrorServiceEnables traffic mirroring.
GetTrafficMirrorServiceStatusQueries the status of the traffic mirroring feature.
CreateTrafficMirrorFilterCreates a filter for traffic mirroring.
DeleteTrafficMirrorFilterDeletes a filter of traffic mirroring.
UpdateTrafficMirrorFilterAttributeModifies the configuration of a filter for traffic mirroring.
ListTrafficMirrorFiltersQueries filters for traffic mirroring.
CreateTrafficMirrorFilterRulesCreates an inbound or outbound rule for traffic mirroring.
DeleteTrafficMirrorFilterRulesDeletes an inbound or outbound rule of a filter for traffic mirroring.
UpdateTrafficMirrorFilterRuleAttributeModifies the configuration of an inbound or outbound rule for traffic mirroring.
CreateTrafficMirrorSessionCreates a traffic mirror session.
DeleteTrafficMirrorSessionDeletes a traffic mirror session.
UpdateTrafficMirrorSessionAttributeModifies the configuration of a traffic mirror session.
ListTrafficMirrorSessionsQueries details about a traffic mirror session.
RemoveSourcesFromTrafficMirrorSessionDeletes a traffic mirror source from a traffic mirror session.
AddSourcesToTrafficMirrorSessionAdds a mirror source to a traffic mirror session.

Elastic IP Address (EIP)

AllocateEipAddressApplies for an EIP.
AllocateEipAddressProApplies for a specified EIP.
AssociateEipAddressAssociates an EIP with a cloud resource that is deployed in the same region.
AllocateEipSegmentAddressApplies for contiguous EIPs.
DescribeEipSegmentQueries a group of contiguous EIPs.
ReleaseEipSegmentAddressReleases contiguous EIPs.
ModifyEipAddressAttributeModifies the name, description, and maximum bandwidth of an EIP.
DescribeEipAddressesQueries EIPs created in a region.
UnassociateEipAddressDisassociates an EIP from a cloud resource.
ReleaseEipAddressReleases an EIP.
DescribeEipGatewayInfoQueries information about the gateway and subnet mask of an EIP.
DescribePublicIpAddressQueries public IP addresses that fall within a VPC in a region.
DescribeHighDefinitionMonitorLogAttributeQueries the configuration of the fine-grained monitoring feature of an EIP.

EIP bandwidth plan

CreateCommonBandwidthPackageCreates an EIP bandwidth plan.
DescribeCommonBandwidthPackagesQueries EIP bandwidth plans in a region.
ModifyCommonBandwidthPackageAttributeModifies the name and description of an EIP bandwidth plan.
AddCommonBandwidthPackageIpAssociates an EIP with an EIP bandwidth plan.
DeleteCommonBandwidthPackageDeletes an EIP bandwidth plan.
ModifyCommonBandwidthPackageSpecModifies the maximum bandwidth of an EIP bandwidth plan.
RemoveCommonBandwidthPackageIpDisassociates an EIP from an EIP bandwidth plan.
CancelCommonBandwidthPackageIpBandwidthRemoves the maximum bandwidth configured for an EIP that is associated with an EIP bandwidth plan.
ModifyCommonBandwidthPackageIpBandwidthSets the maximum bandwidth of an EIP that is associated with an EIP bandwidth plan.
AddCommonBandwidthPackageIpsAssociates one or more EIPs with an EIP bandwidth plan at a time.

Express Connect circuit

OpenPhysicalConnectionServiceEnables billing for outbound data transfer.
DescribeAccessPointsQueries the access points of Express Connect circuits in a region.
CreatePhysicalConnectionApplies for an Express Connect circuit.
CancelPhysicalConnectionCancels an Express Connect circuit.
DescribePhysicalConnectionsQueries Express Connect circuits in a region.
ModifyPhysicalConnectionAttributeModifies the configuration of an Express Connect circuit.
TerminatePhysicalConnectionDisables an Express Connect circuit after it is enabled.
EnablePhysicalConnectionEnables an Express Connect circuit that is in the Confirmed state.
ConfirmPhysicalConnectionConfirms the state of an Express Connect circuit. After you call this operation, the status of the Express Connect circuit changes to Confirmed.
DeletePhysicalConnectionDeletes an Express Connect circuit.
ApplyPhysicalConnectionLOAApplies for a Letter of Authorization (LOA) for an Express Connect circuit.
CompletePhysicalConnectionLOAGenerates a report for an installed Express Connect circuit.
CreatePhysicalConnectionOccupancyOrderCreates an order for resource occupation of an Express Connect circuit.
CreatePhysicalConnectionSetupOrderCreates an order for initial installation of an Express Connect circuit.
DescribePhysicalConnectionLOAQueries the LOA information about an Express Connect circuit.
CreateVirtualPhysicalConnectionCreates a hosted connection.
GetPhysicalConnectionServiceStatusQueries the status of outbound data transfer billing for the current account.
RecoverPhysicalConnectionResumes an Express Connect circuit.
UpdateVirtualPhysicalConnectionChanges the virtual local area network (VLAN) ID of a hosted connection.
ListVirtualPhysicalConnectionsQueries hosted connections.
CreateVpconnFromVbrPushes an Express Connect circuit to another account by adding a shared port for the account.
AttachVbrToVpconnAssociates a VBR with a hosted connection.
ListBusinessAccessPointsQueries the access points of an Express Connect circuit.
ListGeographicSubRegionsQueries the most recent region list.
ChangeResourceGroupMoves an Express Connect circuit to a new resource group.
UntagResourcesForExpressConnectRemoves tags from resources of Express Connect.
ListTagResourcesForExpressConnectQueries the tags that are added to resources of Express Connect.
TagResourcesForExpressConnectCreates tags and add the tags to Express Connect circuits.
DescribeTagKeysForExpressConnectQueries the tag list of an Express Connect circuit.


CreateVbrHaCreates a VBR failover group.
DescribeVbrHaQueries VBR failover groups.
DeleteVbrHaDeletes a VBR failover group.
UpdateVirtualBorderBandwidthUpdates the maximum bandwidth of outbound data transfer for a VBR.
CreateVirtualBorderRouterCreates a virtual border router (VBR).
DeleteVirtualBorderRouterDeletes a VBR.
DescribeVirtualBorderRoutersQueries VBRs.
DescribeVirtualBorderRoutersForPhysicalConnectionQueries VBRs that are associated with an Express Connect circuit. The VBRs can be created by the owner of the Express Connect circuit and by other Alibaba Cloud accounts.
ModifyVirtualBorderRouterAttributeModifies the configuration of a VBR.
TerminateVirtualBorderRouterDisables a VBR.
RecoverVirtualBorderRouterEnables a disabled VBR.
AssociatePhysicalConnectionToVirtualBorderRouterAssociates a VBR with an Express Connect circuit.
UnassociatePhysicalConnectionFromVirtualBorderRouterDisassociates a VBR from an Express Connect circuit.


CreateBgpGroupCreates a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) group for a VBR.
DescribeBgpGroupsQueries BGP groups in a region.
ModifyBgpGroupAttributeModifies the configuration of a BGP group.
DeleteBgpGroupDeletes a BGP group.
CreateBgpPeerAdds a BGP peer to a BGP group.
DescribeBgpPeersQueries BGP peers in a region.
DeleteBgpPeerDeletes a BGP peer.
ModifyBgpPeerAttributeModifies the configuration of a BGP peer.
AddBgpNetworkAdvertises a BGP network.
DeleteBgpNetworkDeletes an advertised BGP network.
DescribeBgpNetworksQueries advertised BGP networks.

NAT gateway

CreateNatGatewayCreates a NAT gateway.
ListEnhanhcedNatGatewayAvailableZonesQueries the zones that support NAT gateways.
ModifyNatGatewayAttributeModifies the configuration of a NAT gateway.
ModifyNatGatewaySpecModifies the size of a NAT gateway.
DescribeNatGatewaysQueries NAT gateways that meet specific conditions in a region.
GetNatGatewayAttributeQueries the information about a NAT gateway.
DeleteNatGatewayDeletes a NAT gateway.
CreateForwardEntryAdds a DNAT entry to a DNAT table.
DescribeForwardTableEntriesQueries DNAT entries.
ModifyForwardEntryModifies a DNAT entry.
DeleteForwardEntryDeletes a DNAT entry.
CreateSnatEntryAdds an SNAT entry to an SNAT table.
DescribeSnatTableEntriesQueries SNAT entries.
ModifySnatEntryModifies an SNAT entry.
DeleteSnatEntryDeletes an SNAT entry.
CreateNatIpCidrCreates a NAT CIDR block.
DeleteNatIpCidrDeletes a NAT CIDR block.
ModifyNatIpCidrAttributeModifies the name and description of a NAT CIDR block.
ListNatIpCidrsQueries NAT CIDR blocks.
CreateNatIpCreates a NAT IP address.
ModifyNatIpAttributeModifies the name and description of a NAT IP address.
DeleteNatIpDeletes a NAT IP address.
ListNatIpsQueries NAT IP addresses.
CreateNatGatewaySessionQosEntryCreates a quality of service (QoS) entry for an Internet NAT gateway.
ModifyNatGatewaySessionQosEntryModifies a QoS entry for an Internet NAT gateway.
DescribeNatGatewaySessionQosTableEntriesQueries QoS entries of an Internet NAT gateway.
DeleteNatGatewaySessionQosEntryDeletes a QoS entry from an Internet NAT gateway.
EnableNatGatewayQosEntryEnables QoS for a NAT gateway.
DisableNatGatewayQosEntryDisables QoS for a NAT gateway.

VPC peering connections

CreateVpcPeerConnectionCreates a VPC peering connection.
AcceptVpcPeerConnectionAccepts a VPC peering connection request.
RejectVpcPeerConnectionRejects a VPC peering connection request.
DeleteVpcPeerConnectionDeletes a VPC peering connection.
ModifyVpcPeerConnectionModifies the description or name of a VPC peering connection.
GetVpcPeerConnectionAttributeQueries the details of a VPC peering connection.
ListVpcPeerConnectionsQueries VPC peering connections.

IPv4 gateway

CreateIpv4GatewayCreates an IPv4 gateway.
EnableVpcIpv4GatewayActivates an IPv4 gateway.
DeleteIpv4GatewayDeletes an IPv4 gateway.
UpdateIpv4GatewayAttributeModifies the description or name of an IPv4 gateway.
GetIpv4GatewayAttributeQueries the attributes of an IPv4 gateway.
ListIpv4GatewaysQueries IPv4 gateways.
AssociateRouteTableWithGatewayAssociates a gateway route table with an IPv4 gateway in the same VPC.
DissociateRouteTableFromGatewayDisassociates a gateway route table from an IPv4 gateway.
UpdateGatewayRouteTableEntryAttributeModifies the next hop type and next hop of the route in a gateway route table.
ListGatewayRouteTableEntriesQueries route entries of a gateway route table.

VPN gateway

VPN gateway

CreateVpnGatewayCreates a VPN gateway.
DeleteVpnGatewayDeletes a VPN gateway.
ModifyVpnGatewayAttributeModifies the name and description of a VPN gateway.
DescribeVpnGatewayQueries the detailed information about a VPN gateway.
DescribeVpnGatewaysQueries VPN gateways.

Customer gateway

CreateCustomerGatewayCreates a customer gateway.
DeleteCustomerGatewayDeletes a customer gateway.
ModifyCustomerGatewayAttributeModifies the configuration of a customer gateway.
DescribeCustomerGatewayQueries the detailed information about a customer gateway.
DescribeCustomerGatewaysQueries customer gateways.


Table 1. Operations about associating a VPN gateway
CreateVpnConnectionCreates an IPsec-VPN connection.
DeleteVpnConnectionDeletes an IPsec-VPN connection.
ModifyVpnConnectionAttributeModifies the configuration of an IPsec-VPN connection.
DescribeVpnConnectionQueries the detailed information about an IPsec-VPN connection.
DescribeVpnConnectionsQueries IPsec-VPN connections.
DownloadVpnConnectionConfigQueries the configuration of an IPsec-VPN connection.
Table 2. Operations about associating a transit router
CreateVpnAttachmentCreates an IPsec-VPN connection and associates the connection with a transit router.
DeleteVpnAttachmentDeletes an IPsec-VPN connection.
ModifyVpnAttachmentAttributeModifies the configuration of an IPsec-VPN connection.
DescribeVpnAttachmentsQueries the IPsec-VPN connections associated with a transit router.
CreateVcoRouteEntryAdds a destination-based route for an IPsec-VPN connection.
DeleteVcoRouteEntryDeletes a destination-based route from an IPsec-VPN connection.
ModifyVcoRouteEntryWeightModifies the weight of a destination-based route for an IPsec-VPN connection.
DescribeVcoRouteEntriesQueries route entries of an IPsec-VPN connection.
CheckVpnBgpEnabledChecks whether the region of an IPsec-VPN connection supports BGP.
DescribeVpnCrossAccountAuthorizationsQueries the cross-account authorization information about an IPsec-VPN connection.


Table 3. SSL server
CreateSslVpnServerCreates an SSL server.
DeleteSslVpnServerDeletes an SSL server.
ModifySslVpnServerModifies the configuration of an SSL server.
DescribeSslVpnServersQueries SSL servers.
DescribeVpnSslServerLogsQueries the log entries of an SSL server.
Table 4. SSL client
CreateSslVpnClientCertCreates an SSL client certificate.
DeleteSslVpnClientCertDeletes an SSL client certificate.
ModifySslVpnClientCertModifies the name of an SSL client certificate.
DescribeSslVpnClientCertQueries the details of an SSL client certificate.
DescribeSslVpnClientCertsQueries SSL client certificates.

VPN gateway route

Table 5. Destination-based route
CreateVpnRouteEntryCreates a destination-based route for a VPN gateway.
DeleteVpnRouteEntryDeletes a destination-based route from a VPN gateway.
ModifyVpnRouteEntryWeightModifies the weight of a destination-based route of a VPN gateway.
PublishVpnRouteEntryAdvertises a VPN route to a VPC.
DescribeVpnRouteEntriesQueries destination-based routes and BGP routes of a VPN gateway.
Table 6. Policy-based routing
CreateVpnPbrRouteEntryCreates a policy-based route for a VPN gateway.
DeleteVpnPbrRouteEntryDeletes a policy-based route from a VPN gateway.
DescribeVpnPbrRouteEntriesQueries policy-based route entries of a VPN gateway.
ModifyVpnPbrRouteEntryWeightModifies the weight of a policy-based route of a VPN gateway.

IPsec server

CreateIpsecServerCreates an IPsec server.
DeleteIpsecServerDeletes an IPsec server.
UpdateIpsecServerModifies the configuration of an IPsec server.
ListIpsecServersQueries IPsec servers.

IPv6 gateway

CreateIpv6GatewayCreates an IPv6 gateway.
DeleteIpv6GatewayDeletes an IPv6 gateway.
DescribeIpv6GatewaysQueries IPv6 gateways in a region.
DescribeIpv6EgressOnlyRulesQueries egress-only rules.
CreateIpv6EgressOnlyRuleCreates an egress-only rule for an IPv6 address.
DeleteIpv6EgressOnlyRuleDeletes an egress-only rule.
DeleteIpv6InternetBandwidthSets the Internet bandwidth value of an IPv6 address to zero.
DescribeIpv6GatewayAttributeQueries the detailed information about an IPv6 gateway.
DescribeIpv6AddressesQueries IPv6 addresses in a region.
ModifyIpv6InternetBandwidthModifies the public bandwidth value of an IPv6 address.
AllocateIpv6InternetBandwidthPurchases public bandwidth resources for an IPv6 address.
ModifyIpv6GatewayAttributeModifies the name and description of an IPv6 gateway.
ModifyIpv6AddressAttributeModifies the name and description of an IPv6 address.


DescribeRegionsQueries the most recent region list.
DescribeZonesQueries zones in a region.


UnTagResourcesRemoves tags from resources.
ListTagResourcesQueries the tags that are added to one or more resources.
TagResourcesCreates tags and adds them to resources.