You can view the recently used projects on the Overview page, and enter the work bench to configure a project, create a project, and one-click to import CDNs.

Log on to the DataWorks console page as an organization administrator (primary account).

Note The overview page updates the display based on the usage and creation time, and displays only the most recent three used or created projects.
Page description:
  • Project

    Displays the three most recently opened projects. ClickConfig or Data Studio to work on the project. Alternatively, you can also access the Project List to do so. For more information, see Workspace list.

  • Common functions
    • You can Create Workspace on this page.
    • You can also one-click to import CDNs on this page.
  • If the RAM user is logged in without creating the corresponding project, you need to contact your administrator to obtain project permissions.
  • For RAM users, this page displays up to two projects, and you can go to the Project List page to view all projects.
  • You cannot enter the workspace, if the RAM user only has deployment permission.
  • You can update your AccessKey infohere.