This article describes FAQs, application scenarios, and solutions of Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates Service.

SSL Certificate FAQ Type FAQ and Reference
SSL certificate concepts What is an SSL certificate?
What are the advantages of SSL certificates?
What is a public key and a private key?
What is the difference between HTTPS and HTTP?
What formats are used for mainstream digital certificates?
SSL certificate application scenario What websites must have HTTPS encryption enabled?
SSL certificate billing and activation What is the price of SSL certificates?
"Failed to open" error when purchasing a certificate
Regions and zones Can I switch the region of the server where my SSL certificate is installed?
SSL certificate expiration What do I do when an SSL certificate expires?
What are the limits to certificate revocation and deletion?
How do I request certificates for multiple wildcard and hybrid domains?
How do I select: certificate type-certificate brand-number of protected domain names?
What domains are supported by an "all-subdomains" wildcard certificate?
SSL certificate applications Notes on completing information for fee-based certificate requests
What can I do if my order is accidentally closed or some information is incorrect?
How do I create a CSR file?
Why should I use a private key without a password?
Why does my certificate order status remain unchanged even after receiving a notification from the CA?
Domain name certificate application note
FAQ about domain names How do I select domain name authorization verification?
How do I enter domains to be added to a certificate?
How do I configure domain name authorization?
Which domain I must use while applying for an SSL certificate?
The Administrator mailbox in the domain name ownership verification link is incorrect and cannot be verified for domain name ownership
Application review Troubleshoot certificate application failure
"Primary domain name cannot be empty" error returned when uploading my CSR file
What do I do if my certificate order remains in the review stage for a long time?
Configure/deploy certificate How to deploy an SSL digital certificate on various types of servers?
How can I enable HTTPS for multiple site and domains on one server?
How does JBoss deploy an SSL certificate?
An SSL certificate is configured by the jetty server.
Certificate selection and configuration for Apple ATS
Is web browsing speed affected if an SSL certificate is installed?
Deploy certificates to cloud products FAQ about pushing certificates to cloud products
How can I deploy my certificate to other Alibaba Cloud products?
OSS users apply for SSL certificates
SSL certificate validity How can I check whether an SSL certificate works properly on a web browser?
Can an already-in-use SSL certificate be used if the IP of a server is changed?
What do I do if some browser displays a prompt that my certificate is untrusted?
Other FAQs Why is a certificate error prompted by Chrome browser?
What to do if Domain Name authentication fails to push to Alibaba Cloud DNS?
Symantec SSL digital certificate upgrading and solutions