Invalid phone number

A review failure message is received if the phone number of the requesting organization in your request for an OV or EV digital certificate is empty or incorrect.

Cause: The phone number of the requesting organization is mandatory for OV and EV certificates. If the phone number of the requesting organization is empty or incorrect, it must be entered again.

Resolution: Enter a valid phone number of your organization. The CA may attempt to contact you for further verification purposes.

CSR conflict

The CSR (Certificate Signing Request) has been used for another order.

Cause: To maintain the security of your certificate keys, a used CSR file cannot be used for a new order.

Resolution: You must generate a new CSR every time you place a new order. certificate has its own unique key pair helps improve the security of the certificate application.

Invalid domains

The information provided for the domains (IPs) added to the certificate is incorrect.

Cause: A valid domain name can be up to 64 characters in length and can contain letters (a-z), digits (0-9), and hyphens (-).

Resolution: Check the CSR file and the domain information conforms to the format. Make sure that you have entered the correct domain information to place the order.

Why is the error "Primary domain name cannot be empty" returned when uploading my CSR file?

Cause: Generally, if you have manually created a CSR file, the Common Name field is incorrectly entered.
Note The Common Name field must be entered with an added domain name.

Resolution: We recommend that you use the CSR Generated by System function, which guarantees the CSR content is correct and allows you to download the issued certificate in different formats.

For more information about the primary domain name that cannot be empty, see Failure - Main domain name cannot be empty.