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:My domain name fails the security audit, and the system displays an error message, which indicates a failure to apply for a free DV certificate. What do I do?

Last Updated:Dec 09, 2022

Problem description

The application for a free Domain Validated (DV) certificate failed the audit, and the following error message appears:

The domain name does not pass the CA security audit and cannot apply for a free DV certificate. Try a different domain name or select a toll certificate product. 


The domain name includes sensitive words. For information about the sensitive words involved in domain name audit, see References.


You can use one of the following methods to address this issue:

  • Purchase a paid DV certificate to bind to your domain name.

  • Bind the free DV certificate to a domain name that contains no sensitive words.


This section lists the sensitive words that cause the domain name to fail the security audit for a free DV certificate.

  • Internal and public IP addresses

  • Hostnames

  • Note

    live The .live top-level domains are not included.



  • bank

  • banc

  • ban.c

  • alpha

  • test

  • example

  • credit

  • pw


    Note: The .pw top-level domains are included.

  • apple

  • ebay

  • trust

  • root

  • amazon

  • android

  • visa

  • google

  • discover

  • financial

  • wordpress

  • pal

  • hp

  • lv

  • free

  • SCP

Application scope

  • SSL Certificates Service