When completing information for fee-based certificate requests, make sure that the following information is entered correctly so that the certificate can be issued more quickly.

Company Name

The company name must be exactly the same as that written in the business license.

Company Phone

We strongly recommend that you provide a phone number that is available on a third-party public information platform or one that is on file with an administration for handling industry and commerce queries. The reviewing staff may attempt to contact you for additional operations.

Confirmation email

  • Make sure that this email address belongs to the requester contact.
  • For any need to verify domain information in the certificate request, make sure that you provide a administrator email ID so that a verification email can be sent.
  • If the domain administrator’s phone number is specified as the requester contact number, we recommend that you provide the domain administrator’s email ID as the email for request confirmation (any change to, and confirmation of, the request information can be sent to this email ID). All these factors make the certificate issuance process smooth and easy.
  • To request an EV certificate, the email must be a business or a fee-based email ID, that is, not a free email ID.
  • Domain protection must be disabled so that the issuing staff can find the administrator email ID for your domains. Privacy Protection close mode, please refer to setting up domain name privacy protection.