Alibaba Cloud Compliance Repository


Security and user privacy are the top priority of Alibaba Cloud. At Alibaba Cloud, we adopt industry standards and best practices to safeguard customer data and are committed to providing reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing products and services to our customers around the world. Alibaba Cloud Compliance Repository provides you a central repository for compliance-related information that matters to you. It's a self-managed platform for you to download Alibaba Cloud security and privacy related reports and manage the agreements online. The documents available in Compliance Repository includes the assurance reports from an independent auditor, such as System and Organization Control (SOC) reports and certificates from accreditation bodies. Agreements available in Compliance Repository are the Business Associate Addendum (BAA) and the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).

Alibaba Cloud Compliance Repository Reports

Alibaba Cloud Compliance Repository provides a central resource of compliance reports from third-party auditors and certificates from accreditation bodies who have validated our controls and security mechanisms in accordance with the global, regional, and industry specific standards and regulations.

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