What is Alibaba Cloud SaaS Accelerator - Mini Programs
Alibaba Cloud SaaS Accelerator helps Alibaba Cloud ecosystem partners and customers build and launch SaaS applications efficiently. It enables ecosystem partners, such as enterprises in the e-commerce, hospitality, and travel industries, to quickly reach their customers on Alibaba platforms. It defines three centers for the SaaS ecosystem: commercial center, capability center, and technology center. This solution enables Alibaba Cloud to be integrated more efficiently and helps customers develop businesses, adopt technologies, and increase capabilities.

Why Choose SaaS Accelerator

How it Works

  • IDE
    Enterprises can use a unified IDE to serve all types of applications on the front end. This allows them to develop frameworks that can be run on multiple platforms.
  • API
    Alibaba Cloud Toolkit, a serverless application development kit, can help developers reduce development and maintenance cost. Access to Alibaba APIs to build on Alibaba's many ecosystem platofrm.

Why Use SaaS Accelerator?

Fast & Powerful
Apps built on SaaS Accelerator are readily compatible with multiple platforms, including Android and iOS
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The Alibaba Ecosystem Advantage
Easily reach over 1 billion Alibaba Ecosystem customers
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Do More with Less
Apps developed on SaaS Accelerator can be deployed to multiple platforms
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  • How can I get started?
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  • SaaS Accelerator pricing?
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