Brand coverage, social media outreach, and lifestyle affinity grab Millennials’ attention. In this digitalized era, the lines between what we do online and offline are blurred more than ever before. Brand success and customer loyalty require an omnichannel, data-driven approach.

Omnichannel Data Mid-End is an all-in-one big data solution that features end-to-end intelligent data construction and management capabilities for omnichannel data analysis, covering the entire process from data access to data consumption for a wide range of industries. With consumer operation as the core, this solution helps brand merchants formulate brand strategies, monitor brand operation, and increase customer base through rich customer insight models and convenient customer growth strategy configurations. This solution empowers you to have better outreach and interaction with your fans, perform membership promotions, and optimize advertising results.

Customer Success Stories

Alibaba Cloud helped Casio with in-depth data analysis, and improved our operation capabilities. With the joint efforts of Casio and Alibaba Cloud, our digital and intelligent transformation has achieved new results, and it also provided a solid foundation for winning Double 11 and achieving new milestones.

Atsushi Watanabe, Vice President of Business Planning & Customer Support Division

Casio is one of the top three well-known watch brands in Japan. Its versatile G-SHOCK brand has been popular for many years. The energetic, young, fashionable, and multifunctional brand image represented by Casio has been deeply rooted in the hearts of young people. Combining high-end and cutting-edge technology with new design, Casio wrist timepieces have continuously embedded unparalleled quality and standards into the development of its products.

Solution Highlights

Draw Insights from Data

This solution provides omnichannel data and analysis reports, helping you gain insights through in-store business analysis. Additionally, this solution helps you to integrate data on the user side with in-store data to implement valuable marketing analysis. With the features of Quick BI, this solution allows you to quickly build data portals to meet customized business needs.

Empowered by the Alibaba Ecosystem

This solution provides you with a flexible and unified data analysis service to analyze your cross-channel and cross-brand business performance within the Alibaba ecosystem, helping you fully optimize operational efficiency and performance.

Reduce Costs

This solution allows you to build highly available and elastic big data platforms based on unified data acquisition standards without the need to manage infrastructure, greatly reducing the cost of manual operations and maintenance.

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How It Works

This Solution

Based on the cloud resource infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud and with the support of Dataphin, Quick BI, and Quick Audience, this Omnichannel Data Mid-End solution provides you with an omnichannel marketing analysis architecture for the Alibaba ecosystem. This architecture helps you build an omnichannel data mid-end for crowd analysis and insight based on consumer tags and models. It enables you to push consumer data assets to Brand Databank and integrate the data assets. As a result, brands can plan and implement omnichannel marketing activities based on consumer insights in the Databank. This solution can implement data analysis by using Quick BI in the Alibaba Retail Cloud to provide intelligent marketing data analysis services for various frontend business scenarios.

Problems Solved

  • Omnichannel brand analysis deployed in the Alibaba Retail Cloud provides brand merchant data and analysis reports. This helps merchants gain insight through in-store business analysis.

  • Omnichannel brand analysis can help merchants integrate data on the user side with in-store data to implement omnichannel marketing analysis.

  • With the features of Quick BI, this solution can help merchants quickly build data portals.


Full path data creation and management

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Quick Audience

A wide range of user insight models and convenient policy configurations

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Quick BI

Analytics & visualization for big data

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Featured Use Cases

Interact with Your Fans

This solution allows you to interact with fans through groups to drive Taobao purchase conversion and develop insights. This applies to industries that require fan interaction, such as fast-moving consumer goods, cosmetics, apparel, consumer electronics, and food services.

Membership Promotion

In response to the pain points in the industry, such as dormant offline members and member loss, this solution provides online recall. This applies to industries that need to build up customer bases, such as apparel, cosmetics, and maternity.

Precision Outreach

This solution uses offline members or purchasing customers as seeds to cultivate a larger base of potential customers. Omnichannel data analysis can help drive rapid business growth for new products in any industry.

Optimized Advertising

This solution allows brands to perform Awareness-Interest-Purchase-Loyalty (AIPL) forwarding and crowd profiling on non-Taobao media users to optimize advertising strategies. This applies to brands that advertise to non-Taobao media users in various industries and supports post-PL process analysis for more precise media strategy optimization.

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