Global Network Solution

Alibaba Cloud's global infrastructure and cloud-native SD-WAN technology-based solution can help you build a dedicated global network to connect core businesses across peripherals worldwide with high elasticity, enterprise-level data privacy, and high-quality networking.

Why Us

Typically, multinational enterprises face three major challenges with cross-border networking, namely: public network cannot assure the level of network security and reliability required for their business, legacy network is complex to deploy and manage, and finally, enterprises need to continually secure their cloud service endpoints while making them accessible worldwide.

Alibaba Cloud Global Network solution can help our customers substantially solve above challenges. Our solution provides E2E data transmission encryption, global network coverage and ultra-low latency to eliminate enterprises' security and reliability concerns. Meanwhile minute level deployment and centralized maintenance and operation (M&O) platform simplify the network initial set up and ongoing management. In addition, our smart routing mechanism and enterprise grade reliability can enable your cloud service endpoints seamlessly access worldwide.

Solution Highlights

  • Minute-Level Deployment

    This out-of-the-box solution simplifies your global network deployment from weeks to minutes. Alibaba Cloud’s global network and SD-WAN technology save time and cost through multi-party coordination and operations.

  • High-Reliability Global Network

    Alibaba Cloud’s global infrastructure, the multilayer networks using a redundancy-based resolution, automatic routing management, and intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities ensure high reliability.

  • Multiterminal Secure Network

    This solution leverages Alibaba Cloud hybrid cloud architecture and SD-WAN technologies to support all mainstream cloud networking across PCs, smart devices, and other terminals with enterprise-level security.

  • Cloud Acceleration

    The Alibaba Cloud global infrastructure guarantees smooth, secure, and quick cloud migrations and provides a one-stop solution for cloud application acceleration.

How It Works

Your Challenges

Building a private global network requires high financial costs and O&M. Traditional global networks are not scalable during unexpected business changes, affecting business consistency and user experience.

Our Solution

  • Alibaba Cloud Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) provides private network interconnection capabilities on and off the cloud. You can access the exclusive hybrid cloud network in all scenarios through Alibaba Cloud Smart Access Gateway (SAG), high-speed channels, and VPN gateway products.

    Key Features:
    • Flexible networking capabilities that support fast deployment in minutes
    • Automatic optimization for global networks with multilayer networks using a redundancy-based resolution
    • Support on private networks and 4G across mobile devices and PCs

Your Challenges

Enterprises face many challenges while building global networks between headquarters and branches, such as the high cost and time requirements of building a private network, O&M, and concerns on network security and reliability.

Our Solution

  • Smart Access Gateway (SAG) allows you to access Alibaba Cloud's POP servers nearby to build your dedicated network globally for headquarters and branches. For cross-border scenarios, Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) provides multi-regional high-speed connections. The Alibaba Cloud console provides end-to-end visual monitoring and management capabilities over the entire global network, which simplifies daily operation and maintenance tasks.

    Key Features:
    • High reliability supported by multi-level disaster recovery design of devices, links, and access
    • Multiple deployment methods supported by SAG, including hardware, images, and apps
    • Elastic bandwidth of SAG and CEN can adapt to business needs to maximize network efficiency

Your Challenges

Enterprises need a global network solution to allow remote workers to purchase and start network services flexibly and log on to the enterprise’s internal networks quickly and safely.

Our Solution

  • This one-stop solution supports encrypted dial-up connections to the enterprise’s internal networks from PCs or smartphones through the SAG app and VPN gateway products, which is suitable for remote working and remote operation and maintenance. The SAG app and VPN gateway can also link the Identity as a Service (IDaaS) to automatically sync your enterprise accounts, so you can directly log on to the Alibaba Cloud network client and connect to the enterprise intranet for data and application access.

    Key Features:
    • Support on mainstream PC and mobile operating systems
    • One-click log-on to the enterprise’s internal network on the SAG app
    • The elastic bandwidth of the SAG App is based on business needs to maximize network efficiency.

Featured Products

Cloud Enterprise Network

Connect business systems located in different regions around the world

Smart Access Gateway

Connect your company network through a variety of intelligent access modes

Express Connect

Connect through a reliable, high-bandwidth network of leased lines and VPCs

VPN Gateway

Securely connect your on-premises data center to a VPN

Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MLPS 2.0
  • MTCS

Customer Success Stories

See how companies are leveraging Alibaba Cloud network solutions to grow and improve their business in China and globally.

As a leading hospitality company, IHG has always been the pioneer in digital change to keep its pole position in an increasingly technology-driven and interconnected world. In this digital era, we are fully devoted to providing the best guest experience in a sustainable and global manner.

Steven Zhong | VP, Hotel and Owner Solutions, IHG Greater China

By partnering with Alibaba Cloud network, IHG has enabled more than 350 hotels in China to deploy secure, fast connection between each other and with headquarter in the United States. The simple and flexible deployment method greatly shortens the launching phase of their business, reduces the network cost by more than 50%, and enables the rapid expansion of IHG business in China.



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