Mobile Cloud Acceleration Solution

A solution that provides a latency free user experience for mobile applications

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Maintaining an excellent mobile application performance is both vital and challenging for organizations. With the constant release of new mobile devices, applications must be in sync with devices and free from issues, such as latency and fluctuating bandwidth, to ensure a smooth user experience. Furthermore, several apps lack an optimized environment configuration as well as content and storage resources.

Solution Architecture

This solution uses four layers of optimization (protocol, link, content, and carrier) to provide a latency-free user experience. Additionally, developers effectively use Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) to allow users to reduce website response time to milliseconds. This will ensure smooth video streaming and efficient handling of spikes in traffic.
An app integrated with Alibaba Cloud Mobile Cloud Acceleration Solution performs link optimization in collaboration with domestic carrier network. A web request from a user travels to the acceleration nodes of the CDN via various edge centers, which respond back to the user. The CDN nodes refresh content available on each node by obtaining data from the origin site based on defined caching policies. Alibaba Cloud CDN further ensures streamlining of web content adding to an enriched user experience.


  • Automatic handling of website traffic spikes
  • 3,200+ nodes distributed across the globe
  • Massive storage capacity of up to 1.5PB