Quick start

Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network(CDN) is a distributed network that overlays on the bearer network and is composed of edge node server clusters distributed across different regions. The CDN network replaces the traditional data transmission modes centered on web servers. The CDN console can help you add a CDN domain, refresh cache, and perform other configuration tasks. It also provides resource monitoring services including real-time data analysis. This document presents basic information about the CDN console.

Overview of CDN operation

After you log on to the CDN console, the CDN operation information for the current account is displayed on the home page as follows:

  1. Billing method display and change:
  2. Key data: the number of domains in normal status and the total traffic for all domains this month
  3. This month's data:
    1. Domain peak bandwidth
    2. Top 4 domain names according to the accumulated downstream traffic
    3. Region distribution of users who access the acceleration resources
    4. Real-time cache hit rate of users who access acceleration resources
    Note This month indicates the current calendar month.

You can complete relevant function settings and view data in the left-side navigation pane:

Functions Brief introduction
Domain name management Add a CDN domain name, manage, or delete a CDN domain name, and change the basic and configuration information of the CDN domain name.
Monitoring Include Resource Monitoring and Real-time Monitoring.
Refresh URL refresh and directory refresh are available.
Log Log downloads, log storage (upcoming), Cloud reports
Tools Link diagnostic tools, IP queries