Landing Zone

Set up a secure and scalable environment for your efficient and cost-effective journey on Alibaba Cloud

Why Alibaba Cloud Landing Zone?

Alibaba Cloud Landing Zone is a set of IT governance frameworks designed to guide enterprises to deploy on and migrate to Alibaba Cloud with confidence. It regulates cloud migration and adoption based on the best practices for assisting enterprises big and small with their cloud journey. Landing Zone will help you to secure cloud resources and environment, enable flexible and efficient management of cloud services, and control costs effectively. You can build your landing zone all in one stop with our free Cloud Governance Center service, or consult our experts to customize your landing zone solution flexibly based on business needs.

  • Plan a Long-Term Cloud Environment

    Alibaba Cloud Landing Zone is designed based on the standards and requirements of complex organizations and large-scale business on the cloud across eight areas: resource planning, financial management, identity authority, audit compliance, network planning, security protection, operation and maintenance management, and automation.

  • Migrate and Scale with High Efficiency

    With the scalable and reliable network architecture and automated deployment feature, you can easily manage services on Alibaba Cloud after large-scale migrations. This will improve service implementation efficiency in rapidly changing business environments, and accelerate digital transformation.

  • Improve Cross-Department Collaboration

    The overall IT governance frameworks facilitate cross-department collaboration with streamlined processes for DevOps, O&M, finance; unified supervision of security and compliance; and observability of enterprise operations, to improve the manageability and productivity of your organization.

Set Up Your Landing Zone in One Stop

Cloud Governance Center

The Cloud Governance Center (CGC) is a centralized, one-stop platform for cloud governance and continuous cloud environment management. The CGC is based on the best practices for cloud management established by a cross section of Alibaba Cloud customers. It can help you quickly build a multi-account landing zone based on security and compliance requirements, and achieve business continuity with rule-based IT governance.

Landing Zone

CGC automatically checks your Alibaba Cloud account and resource directory usage, providing a matched process that guides you step-by-step in initializing a resource structure - this accelerates the migration process and improves management efficiency.

Account Factory

You can configure account baseline settings and quickly create accounts based on specific business needs in the Account Factory. This helps you regulate resource usage, reduce the costs and time of account configuration, and accelerate business delivery.

Protection Rules

You can configure and enable the protection rules provided by Cloud Config. This prevents the resource directories and basic configurations that are created in Cloud Governance Center from being modified, and enhances the security of the multi-account environment.

Customize Your Landing Zone Solution

Resource Planning
• Build a multi-account structure to avoid account management risks
• Improve business scalability

Financial Management
• Set up a unified billing method for a multi-account structure
• Design the enterprise internal accounting system

Network Planning
• Partition the network according to business needs, and design the intercommunication between partitions
• Create a global network structure for hybrid cloud networking

Identity Authentication
• Configure SSO to create a unified login method for enterprise users
• Configure the permissions required for operation and maintenance

• Perform regular updates, virus scans, and port checks on hosts
• Enable protection measures such as encryption or desensitization for important digital assets

Compliance Audit
• Collect and archive log files that record all operations and configurations
• Define the internal audit rules required for enterprise operation and maintenance, and transform them into a systematic mechanism

Resource Directory

Organize and manage your resources in a hierarchical manner by using resource directories, folders, accounts, and resource groups

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Provide unified identity management and access control to users in Alibaba Cloud Resource Directory for enterprise accounts

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Resource Access Management

Centrally manage access to Alibaba Cloud services and resources, create and manage sub-users and user groups, and manage their access to cloud resources

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Action Trail

Monitor and record the activities of Alibaba Cloud accounts from the Alibaba Cloud console, APIs, and developer tools, etc.

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Cloud Config

Tracks and audits configurations of your resources on Alibaba Cloud with a global resource list for easy search and management

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Quota Center

Centrally manage user cloud product quotas, query the quota limits for each cloud product, and adjust quotas online according to your business needs

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Get More Insight from Landing Zone Whitepapers

Cloud Adoption Framework

The Cloud Adoption Framework is a proven roadmap for enterprises to migrate to the cloud. Based on the experience of a large number of enterprise customers served by Alibaba Cloud, the framework summarizes the challenges that enterprises may encounter during the migration, and provides solutions, best practices, and auxiliary tools to help enterprises achieve business goals.

MNC Landing Zone Whitepaper

This is a joint written and released whitepaper by Alibaba Cloud and its partner Accenture. It provides guidance on how multinational enterprises can build an advanced IT governance framework in the cloud based on Alibaba Cloud Landing Zone. It combines the perspectives of cloud vendors and third-party consulting companies, including theory and best practice.

Optimize Your Landing Zone with Expert Service

Based on the Alibaba Cloud Landing Zone, we provide enterprises with top-level IT architecture design and governance services. This includes identity management, resource management, network planning, financial management, compliance auditing, security protection, operation and maintenance management, and automated resource management - helping you achieve efficient collaboration, high security compliance, and effective cost control.

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