Mid-size Architecture

An architecture to help companies ramp up their platform capacity while introducing additional functionality

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As small operators grow into mid-size e-commerce enterprises, they need to ramp up their platform capacity and introduce additional features without compromising user functionality. Below is a typical midsized enterprise e-commerce infrastructure.

Solution Architecture

  1. Cyber security solutions and anti-fraud services protect businesses against cyber-attacks, malicious order placement, and scams. Anti-DDoS works with CDN to ensure security and acceleration. Server Load Balancer distributes traffic among healthy instances and, eliminates single-point-of-failure, ensuring system stability during high concurrency. Auto Scaling dynamically scales ECS instances to meet changing business needs and effectively deals with promotional activities and other business peaks. Also, VPC helps e-commerce enterprises construct isolated network environments.
  2. Distributed Message Service handles large-scale e-commerce with high-reliability and high-concurrency. OSS provides high-volume cloud storage service that can be elastically scaled as required. It processes massive volumes of images through image processing, audio and video transcoding, and other data processing capabilities.
  3. This architecture also seamlessly integrates with CDN for accelerated content delivery. To address latency issues, ApsaraDB for Redis provides online cache services, giving fast response to product and other popular data. The active/standby RDS architecture also prevents single-point-of-failures (SPOF).


  • Vertical scaling
  • Easy management
  • Minimal latency
  • Highly secure
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