Big Data Application Implementation Service

Provide technical support about data migration, application transformation suggestions or redeployment recommendations to help you smoothly migrate big data system to Alibaba Cloud.

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When you need to build, migrate, or optimize big data applications on Alibaba Cloud, we can assist you to implement big data application services based on Alibaba Cloud products key features and best practices.


Architecture Implementation of Big Data Applications on the Cloud

Provide you with technical support to use, configure, and optimize the big data cloud products.

Big Data Application Migration

Implement the system and data migration solution, including data ETL solution.

Migrate big data applications by using MaxCompute, E-MapReduce (EMR), and other cloud products. Migrate data using VPC, Lightning Cube, and other methods.

Implementation of the Data Model and Data Warehouse

Instruct you to implement the data warehouse logic or physical model.

Complete data warehouse development and production environment construction.

Use big data cloud products to build business-related data models and data warehouses.

Instruct you to control the data quality using big data cloud products.

Control of the cloud big data platform quality.

Timely detection and handling of data defects.

Big Data Collection

Guide you the implementation of the data collection solution.

Instruct you to extract, sort, and convert the collected data using big data cloud products.

Help you store the collected data.

Big Data Presentation

Complete big data presentation using big data products on various types of clients, such as PCs, mobile phones, and dashboards.

Big Data Algorithm R&D

Complete data preprocessing and big data algorithm implementation.

Big Data Cloud Product O&M Training

Deliver O&M training based on the big data cloud products you used.


"The Big Data Application Implementation Solution" and "The Big Data Application Implementation Report"

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