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Alibaba Cloud strategy is committed to providing you the customized cloud architecture design, container and microservice design, cloud computing design, new technical application planning, DevOps design, and strategic planning and consulting of other cloud platforms. Also, we will complete the architecture design, product selection, and key technology verification based on your business requirements.

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When you make a cloud strategy for your business, Alibaba Cloud offers strategic research, analysis, evaluation, and planning services tailored for all business needs and development goals. It enables you to upgrade your traditional business strategy to a cloud-based strategy.


IT Architecture Survey and Evaluation

Evaluate the existing IT architecture by using methods, such as gap analysis and status analysis.

Identify the gaps between the existing IT architecture, and the business and IT strategies.

Cloud Technical Architecture Design

Select advanced and sophisticated IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud products for different business systems to improve the flexibility, security, and high availability of the business system architecture.

Container and Microservice Design

Verify the key technical points.

Cloud Computing Planning

Evaluate and select the appropriate elastic computing, storage, network, security, middleware, and other cloud products to meet the regular requirements of the business system.

Verify key cloud computing technologies related to your business.

New Technology Application Planning

Make a plan for application trends and scenarios that conform to business mode innovation and technology trends.

Verify key technologies related to new technical applications to meet the development needs of driving new business with technologies.

DevOps Design

Evaluate and select appropriate engineering efficiency cloud products.

Design and make a plan for end-to-end software research, delivery, and operation processes meeting DevOps working principles.

Design and make a plan for the organization architecture, management specifications, and operation standards related to the DevOps process.

Verify key technologies related to the DevOps process to enable business system to efficiently support rapid development of business.


“The Research of Consulting the Cloud Migration Strategy” and “The Report of Consulting Cloud Migration Strategy”

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