Web App Service

Web App Service is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows you to run and manage web applications, mobile applications, and API-based applications.

Simple, Secure, Speed Way to Deploy Applications

Web App Service allows you to deploy, scale, adjust, and monitor applications in an easy, efficient, secure, and flexible manner. You do not need to maintain the underlying infrastructure. You only pay for the cloud resources that you use.

Ease of Use

With Web App Service, you do not need to learn about the configuration and management of infrastructure that is required to run the application. You can prioritize and focus on writing application code. In a team, you can distribute configuration description files to all members to build deployment environments. These configuration description files are stored in a shared repository or a source code management platform.

Multiple Programming Languages

Supports multiple mainstream development languages, such as Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, Go, Ruby, and .NET Core. With open plug-ins provided by Web App Service, you can create applications that are developed in more programming languages.

Real-time Monitoring

Web App Service is currently working towards providing built-in basic monitoring and service monitoring (coming soon) features. These features will provide real-time monitoring of deployment environments in terms of health status and performance. You can view and download logs by using the console or a client program to quickly locate any errors that occur during the startup or running of applications.


Application Hosting

Web App Service is a fully integrated application hosting platform. With Web App Service, you can quickly deploy and host applications in Alibaba Cloud based on the cloud-native architecture.

Elastic Resource Orchestration

Provides surrogate instances and self-imported instances. These resources are automatically orchestrated based on different scenarios.

Runtime Environment Maintenance

Allows you to automatically install and maintain different runtime environments based on the development language.

Application Hosting

Helps you deploy applications by using uploaded deployment packages. You can perform multiple operations and maintenance (O&M) tasks on instances that are running applications. These tasks include restart, stop, scale, change configurations, and release.

Intelligent O&M

Helps you handle each requirement during application deployment and maintenance. This allows you to offload labor-intensive workloads to Web App Service and focus on your core business.

Application Versions

Helps you manage all deployed application versions and roll back to a specific version.

Monitoring, Diagnostic Information, and Logs

Provides features that monitor statistics about your applications and deployment environments. With these features, you can view and download logs and diagnostic information, monitor application status and performance, and troubleshoot application issues.


Allows you to integrate with third-party applications and services by using a variety of API operations and plug-ins.

Templates for Deployment Environments

You can save configurations for a deployment environment as a template. You can then use the template to quickly build a new deployment environment with the same configurations.

Open Integration

You can build development tools and script libraries by using standard rules for creating configuration templates of deployment environments and API operations.

Plug-ins (Coming Soon)

In addition to infrastructure and runtime environments that are required to run applications, Web App Service provides a variety of plug-ins. These plug-ins allow you to integrate applications with other products and services.

You only pay for resources that are required for running applications.

Diverse Application Scenarios



Activate Service

Activate and authorize Web App Service, Auto Scaling, Object Storage Bucket, and Key Management Service.


Create Application

Create an application in the Web App Service console.


Deploy Application

Create a deployment environment and upload a deployment package.



Perform O&M tasks to manage the deployment environment.

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