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Cloud-based and lightweight servers that are easy to set up and manage

Worry-Free Cloud Adoptation

• Can be replaced for virtual private servers (VPSs) and virtual hosts
• As low cost as USD 3.5 per month with enhanced SSDs (ESSDs)
• Easy migration to Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances that are compatible with more Alibaba Cloud services to suit more business needs

Simple Application Server Features

Flexible Image Selection

Simple Application Server provides 20 types of images to meet different requirements of your applications, including application images and OS images.

Application Images (14 Types)

Provides various types of application images, such as WordPress, LAMP, Docker, Plesk, and cPanel images, and allows you to use out-of-the-box applications without uploading or installing applications.

OS Images (10 Types)

Provides a clean operating system with no applications installed and allows you to install applications based on your business requirements. OS images are suitable for users familiar with operating systems and application environment configurations.

Custom Images

Allows you to create custom images, use custom images to create multiple simple application servers with the same configurations, and share custom images with Alibaba Cloud ECS. This eliminates the need to configure and update multiple servers.

Integration with Various Alibaba Cloud Services

Simple Application Server integrates the features of multiple Alibaba Cloud services to help deploy and manage applications with simple configurations.

Domain Name Resolution

Resolves domain names and points them to the IP addresses of simple application servers.


Controls network access to simple application servers by configuring rules to restrict source IP addresses and disabling ports.


Provides the same virtual private cloud (VPC) for multiple simple application servers that belong to the same account and reside in the same region.

Simple Application Server Use Cases

Website Building

  • Various types of application images provide ready-to-use applications to help build different websites without uploading or installing applications, such as personal blogs, forums, e-commerce websites, and official enterprise websites.

    Supported OS Images:

    Images such as WordPress, Plesk, and cPanel images

Development and Testing

  • Development and Testing

    A variety of common development environments help build and deploy your development environments on the cloud so you can write code anytime and anywhere. In addition, you can deploy lightweight and low-load applications to implement and verify business logic with ease.

    Supported Development Environments:

    Environments such as LAMP, Node.js, LNMP, and ASP.NET

Cloud-Based Learning

  • Cloud-Based Learning

    Alibaba Cloud OS images provide out-of-the-box environments pre-installed with Windows operating systems or common Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. You can build and destroy environments at any time.

    Supported OS Images:

    Linux and Windows operating systems

Comparison of SAS/VPS/Virtual Host

Supported ●
Not supported ○


Simple Application Server


Virtual Host

OS Image

Custom Application Image

Unique IP Address

Remote Server Logon

Server Management and Monitoring

Server-Based Application Management


Data Backup

Domain Name Management

HTTPS-Encrypted Access Enabled with a Few Clicks

Remote Website Logon over SSH

Integration with Commonly Used Cloud Services

Simple Application Server FAQs

What is Simple Application Server?
Simple Application Server is a new computing service designed as a standalone application. It provides one-click application deployment and supports all-in-one services, such as domain name resolution, website publishing, security, O&M, and application management. This optimizes the experience of setting up a simple application and makes it easier for entry-level users to operate and use cloud computing products.
Which resources comprise Simple Application Server?
Simple Application Server is comprised of elastic computing resources (including computing, storage, and network) provided by Alibaba Cloud, popular system images and application images, DNS, snapshot, and firewalls.
What can Simple Application Server do?
Simple Application Server can create a personal blog or enterprise website, learning/development environment, and small e-commerce websites.
Which operation systems are currently supported by Simple Application Server?
SAS supports Alibaba Cloud Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, and Debian. More images will be provided in the future.
How is traffic for Simple Application Server charged?
Simple Application Server provides a monthly package of resources whereby traffic is calculated each month. If the traffic exceeds the upper limit of the package in the current month, the exceeding traffic will be charged by Pay-As-You-Go.
Which programs or software can I run on Simple Application Server?
Simple Application Server provides a variety of applications through images such as WordPress, cPanel, Plesk, Docker, Node.js, LNMP, Tomcat, ASP/.NET, Ghost, Opencart, Nextcloud, etc. You can also download and install other applications.

How do I access Simple Application Server instances?
Simple Application Server provides a browser-based Web SSH connection tool. You can access the Linux/Unix server with one-click from the console or log on to the Windows server through a browser.

Similarly, you can access the Linux/Unix server via the local SSH client or access the Windows server via the RDP client.
How do I back up data in Simple Application Server instances?
Simple Application Server provides a snapshot for backing up server data. Three snapshots are available for each instance.
Where can Simple Application Server be deployed in?
Simple Application Server can be deployed in US West(Silicon Valley), US East(Virginia), Australia (Sydney), Germany (Frankfurt), China(Hong Kong), Singapore, Indonesia(Jakarta), Japan(Tokyo), Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur), India(Mumbai) and UK (London). The product will be deployed in other regions in the future.
How is Simple Application Server billed?
Simple Application Server provides a monthly package with a fixed charge. If you exceed the data transfer provided within the package, an additional fee will be incurred.
Which limitations are required for Simple Application Server?
Each user can run up to 20 Simple Application Servers simultaneously. A maximum of three snapshots (up to 15) and 50 firewall rules can be created for each server.

Pre-installed software in /usr/local of /home/staragent/, /usr/local/aegis, and /usr/local/cloudmonitor is a program and library file relied on by the environment and cannot be freely modified.

Port 25 of the server cannot be used to send a mail externally. If you need to send a mail externally, you can use port 465 to send a mail using an external mailbox.
What is the peak bandwidth of Simple Application Server? Can this be modified?
The maximum peak bandwidth of Simple Application Server instances is 30Mbps. It cannot be modified by the user. If you need higher peak bandwidth, we suggest purchasing ECS separately and setting the peak bandwidth up to 200Mbps.

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