Penetration Test

Penetration Test is a service that simulates full-scale, in-depth attacks to test your system security. This service is provided jointly by Alibaba Cloud and its authorized security industry partners, helping identify risks in your business process in advance, such as security defects and vulnerabilities. It also improves defense capabilities and protects against complex attacks.

Service Process


Test Scope Determination

Analyze the test scope and develop a plan for simulated attacks based on the scope.



Select a test level based on the risk status of your applications. This meets the security requirements of different scenarios.



Implement penetration testing on business systems, web applications, networks, and operating systems that are exposed to the Internet.



Provide penetration test reports that cover the test process, risk status, vulnerability details, and fix suggestions.


A Team of Talented Security Experts
All project team members are certified security professionals. Our consultants hold some of the most respected international certifications from the IT Security Penetration Testing, Security Assessment, Computer Crime Forensic Investigation, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 fields.
Proven Track Records
Alibaba Cloud and our partners have over a decade of experience in providing professional security penetration testing services. Over 1,000 professional security projects have been delivered over the last decade.
Comprehensive Test Plans
This service provides professional penetration test cases that are developed based on the best practices in the industry and relevant international standards. This ensures that the penetration test process is comprehensive and effective. The test scope includes the simulation of attacks on systems, web applications, mobile apps, network devices, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and smart devices.
End-to-End Security Solution
This service identifies vulnerabilities and potential risks to provide security advice. You can leverage a variety of security solutions and Alibaba Cloud technologies to safeguard your business.

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