ApsaraVideo Media Processing (MPS)

Transcode multimedia data into media files in various resolutions, bitrates, and formats that are suitable
for playback on PCs, TVs, and mobile devices.

ApsaraVideo Media Processing (MPS) is a cloud service that is designed to transcode multimedia data. It provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use, elastic, and highly scalable method to convert audio and video files into formats that are suitable for playback on PCs, TVs, and mobile devices. MPS leverages the auto scaling feature of cloud computing services to provide transcoding services on demand. You no longer need to purchase, set up, manage transcoding software and hardware, and worry about configuration tuning and transcoding parameters. This maximizes resource usage.


Fast Transcoding
You can deploy MPS in multiple regions around the world to allow dynamic scaling. This way, MPS can handle high concurrency easily and transcode media data quickly.
Image Restoration
Based on the state-of-the-art human vision model, MPS optimizes video encoding methods and can convert damaged videos into high-definition videos.
Narrowband HD™
Narrowband HD™ and H.265 transcoding allow you to transcode videos with 20% to 30% less traffic costs.
Various Features and Custom Templates
Various features such as video transcoding, editing, and merging, snapshot capture, and watermarking are provided to meet diverse scenarios.
Custom transcoding templates are supported. You can create custom transcoding parameters to meet your transcoding requirements.


  • Media Transcoding

    Supports all major formats, and includes professional customizable transcoding services such as NarrowBand HD, double-speed transcoding and video encryption. Audio and Video Transcoding

    Audio and Video Transcoding

    Mainstream media formats, H.264 and H.265 codecs, container format conversion, and subtitles are supported.

    Transcoding Templates

    Preset templates and custom templates are available to meet your business requirements.


    The MPS console is available for you to use. You can create a workflow in one minute. This allows automatic transcoding after media uploads.


    Images and text watermarks can be overlaid on output videos to enhance product recognition.

    Editing and Merging

    You can specify the start time and duration to capture media clips and merge the media clips into a media file.

    Audio and Video Extraction

    You can use MPS to extract only audio or video images from a video file.

    Narrowband HD™

    MPS adopts the industry-leading Narrowband HD™ transcoding technology to save your bandwidth costs by 20% to 30% without compromising the video quality.

    High-speed Transcoding

    MPS is ideal for transcoding videos longer than 30 minutes. You can split this type of video into parts and transcode the parts in parallel. This speeds up transcoding by 5-fold.

    Video Encryption

    Alibaba Cloud proprietary cryptography and HLS encryption based on the AES128 algorithm are supported. This protects your video content from illegal downloads. Video encryption is suitable for scenarios such as online education and paid viewing.

  • Video Snapshot

    MPS allows you to capture images at specific time points from a video that is stored in Object Storage Service (OSS) and save the captured images as JPG files.

    Video Snapshot

    MPS allows you to capture images at specific time points from videos that are stored in OSS and save the captured images as JPG files. You can capture one or multiple snapshots at different time points, or capture snapshots at even intervals.

    Image Sprites

    Information about multiple snapshots can be queried in one request after an image sprite is generated from multiple snapshots. This reduces the number of requests and improves client performance.

  • Image Enhancement

    MPS supports quality enhancement for video sources to improve video definition and playback smoothness. This provides an excellent viewing experience that is unique in the industry.

    Frame Rate Conversion

    For high-definition videos at or below 30 frames per second, MPS allows you to generate videos at higher frame rates, such as 60 frames per second or 120 frames per second, without compromising the video quality. The enhanced videos can be smoothly played on a 4K screen.

    Video Repair

    For over-compressed online videos, MPS allows you to remove the blurs and mosaics from videos to restore them to higher definitions.

    SD-to-HD Conversion

    For classic movies in standard definition, MPS allows you to remove film granules and compression noise and use super-resolution technologies to generate 720p or even 1080p HD videos.

    2K-to-4K Conversion

    For 1080p movies, MPS allows you to generate high-quality 4K video sources by using the super-resolution technology. The technology has been proven to be effective by a large number of videos.

  • Video Editing

    APIs for online editing are supported to lower the threshold of content production.

    APIs for Online Editing

    APIs such as APIs for splitting, merging, masking, production, and adding text banners for media files are provided. This allows you to quickly build an online video production platform. You can edit video, audio, image, and text files.


  • Video Websites
  • Online Education
  • TV Media
  • E-commerce Live Streaming
  • Gaming Videos
Video Websites

Video Websites

Stable and smooth video playback on demand

MPS provides an all-in-one solution for on-demand audio and video playback. MPS supports audio and video upload, automatic transcoding, media resource management, and content delivery. This helps you build a secure, elastic, and highly customizable platform or application for on-demand media playback.


  • Custom Media Transcoding

    You can create custom transcoding templates and use the templates to transcode media files to FLV, M3U8, or MP4 files in different resolutions, bitrates, and frame rates.

  • Video Analysis

    Optimal transcoding templates are recommended based on the intelligent analysis results of video content.

  • Integration with MNS Queues and Notifications

    Message Service (MNS) is integrated with MPS. This allows you to view the execution status of operations in MPS.

Online Education

Online Education

Quick Setup of a Dedicated Education Platform

MPS provides a rich set of features to help you quickly build a dedicated education platform so that users can have a superior user experience. MPS allows teachers to share course videos during classes. This facilitates unified management of the education resources.


  • Video Copyright Protection

    Highly-reliable cloud storage services, customizable hotlink protection policies, and URL signing are supported to ensure the security of your resources.

  • Brand Promotion

    A maximum of four PNG images can be overlaid on an output video.

  • Editing and Merging

    You can specify the start time and duration to capture media clips, and merge the media clips into a single file.

TV Media

Television Media

Fast Transcoding

You can use MPS to meet the transcoding requirements of National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA). High-speed transcoding is supported to accelerate transcoding. MPS optimizes processing of blockbuster movies to provide higher image quality and a better viewing experience.


  • Upload from Multiple Devices

    Multiple upload methods are available for you to upload media files.

  • Elastic transcoding

    A high-speed and stable transcoding system is used for parallel transcoding. This allows you process more transcoding jobs.

  • Platform Compatibility

    ApsaraVideo Player SDKs for Web, iOS, and Android are provided.

E-commerce Live Streaming

E-commerce Videos

E-commerce Video Content Solution

Product videos showcase the features of your products to increase sales. This solution is suitable for scenarios such as product descriptions, new product launches, live-stream shopping guides, and auctions.


  • Product Videos

    Product descriptions are enriched to help you sell better.

  • Video Marketing

    Sellers can demonstrate and advertise their products during a live stream. Buyers can take videos or photos to show what they bought. This drives more conversions.

  • Video Introduction of Products

    Influencer marketing attracts more customers.

Gaming Videos

Game Videos

Quick Setup of a Live Game Streaming Platform

You can quickly build a fully functional release platform for gaming videos to provide comprehensive video services for players.


  • Live to VOD

    Live streams can be recorded and uploaded to ApsaraVideo VOD. This allows users to play recorded live streams on demand.

  • Quick Connection

    You can use APIs to register your media assets in the content management system.

  • Cost-effective

    MPS uses the Narrowband HD™ technology to reduce the traffic cost by 30%.


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